Xpeng P7 Electric Vehicle launches in China

A super long range smart EV at between $32,462 – $49,404 USD post China Subsidies.

First of all, Xpeng Motors is a leading Chinese electric vehicle and technology company. So they just announced the launch of its electric car. Yet it’s the Xpeng P7 super-long range, high-performance, fast-charging intelligent EV sports sedan, its second production model.

So the Xpeng P7 is immediately available for order in China. It’s also in 3 versions and 8 configurations. Moreover customer deliveries will commence end June 2020. All starting at RMB 229,900 – 349,900 (US$32,462 – 49,404) post subsidies.

smart sedan

With superior autonomy and connectivity, the Xpeng P7 incorporates many breakthroughs and firsts. It is the first L3 autonomy-ready production vehicle in the Chinese market. It boasts world-beating NEDC 706km or 440 miles of super-long driving range. Also 4.3s 1-100km/h (like 0-60) acceleration in some configurations.

It is the first production model in any market worldwide powered by NVIDIA’s DRIVE AGX Xavier system-on-a-chip, delivering 30 TOPS (trillions of operations per second) while consuming only 30 wattspower.

Strong performance against key industry benchmarks  

High-performance 3-in-1 electric drive system – compact, light, efficient, reliable – with world-class motor energy density of 2.0 kW/kg and an efficiency up to 97.5%.

Longest-driving range EV in China at NEDC 706km.

German luxury sports style auto brand joint-developed chassis, optimized suspension & layout

Bosch / Brembo braking system. Also new-gen Bosch iBooster braking recycling. Furthermore c.100% energy recovery, with 35m 100km/h brake distance.

Autonomous driving system XPILOT3.0 for China’s challenging roads. Also 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 millimeter-wave radars and 14 cameras. So that’s the industry’s only 360° multi-perception integrated system.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 high-performance auto chip running Xpeng Xmart OS 2.0

  1. voice interactive system
  2. integrating App stores
  3. SEPA (Smart Electric Platform Architecture).

CATL high-density slim-profile prismatic battery pack. 110mm height and 80.9kWh with energy density as a result reaching 170Wh/kg. The best Tesla is 100Wh.

Fast charging: from 30% to 80% charge as fast as 28 mins. 120km range in 10 mins; with China’s first remote-controlled concealed charging plug.

5-level safety design: Passive, battery, active, air quality and data security measures.

Superior style and support

As well as high technology, the P7 boasts superior styling and ergonomic features designed to enrich and enhance the driving experience. The bodywork is crafted with an elegant minimalist profile that lowers air resistance to a market-leading Cd0.236, delivering longer range and a quieter, smoother ride.

The intelligent cockpit is also designed to interact with driver and passengers through voice commands. As well as infotainment, and a concert hall-standard 600w Dynaudio surround-sound audio environment. In addition, a panoramic glass roof, frameless doors, and a low-profile console. All offering wide-angle views in all directions. Finally, Nappa leather styling is available for that extra touch of luxury.

The Xpeng P7 will be available through Xpeng’s growing sales network, already some 113 outlets across 57 cities. Also its service network of 73 stores in 52 cities. Supercharging stations for the P7 have already reached 164 contracted and signed units across 35 cities, while its supporting 3rd-party charging pile networks number some 200,000+ units across China.

The Xpeng P7 is immediately available in China in various configurations, starting from RMB 229,900 – 349,900 (US$32,462 to $49,404) post subsidies.

4WD High Performance (4.3s 0-100km/h acceleration):        RMB 339,900 – 349,900

RWD Super-Long Range: (656km – 706km NEDC):               RMB 254,900 – 276,900

RWD Long Range (568km NEDC)                                            RMB 229,900 – 259,900

(All post subsidies)

Source: XPENG Motors, (Guangzhou, April 27, 2020) 

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