Talk about story to save the planet! I Was very humbled when I heard about Giant Bomb. They are a publication in the U.K. and well they wrote a story about me. I mean I get profiled once in a while. However it’s always appreciated since I’m trying to get my message out to the world. All so we can save it. Anyway and as they wrote:

There are very few people who help save the planet and that genuinely care for the planet. That part really choked me up. They also added some other comments. Looks like a young website.

and they are continuously working to spread awareness about its importance to other people. One of the people amongst them is the real Green Guy. He is also known as the Green Living Guy because of his lifestyle. He is amongst very few people that are working to save the earth because of the love they have for this planet.

These people always discuss stuff about the resources that we should not be used carelessly. The green living guy has been working for the protection of the surroundings, and he is very famous because of his work. He has worked on eco-technology and focuses on what is going to do better for our environment and what is not?

He compares all good and worse situations when it comes to saving our environment. There are a lot of threats to our environment that are in place and it is our duty to do everything to save the earth. You know I want to save this planet so please help spread the word! Thanks 

Green Living Guy

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