CEO RJ Scaringe, Free Solo’s Alex Honnold to announce collaboration on June 15 livestream

Denver, Colorado, June 13

On June 15, electric adventure vehicle maker Rivian is announcing a project. It’s a Rivian Energy Storage project. One that uses its second-life batteries. Best part consequently in a solar microgrid initiative. All moreover within the Honnold Foundation.

The goal: to support energy independence and adoption of renewable power generation. The project consequently is also in the town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. One that marks Rivian’s first steps. Especially in its broad plan to utilize second-life batteries. Moreover for backup power. All for a wide variety of applications.


In addition, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe and elite climber Alex Honnold will discuss the project in Denver, Colorado. It’ll be on June 15 at 6PM MT. The conversation will also be moderated by endurance athlete and podcaster Rich Roll. The livestream can be found here:

The company is using 135kWh battery packs. Moreover from its development vehicles. All as a result to support the project for energy storage on the grid!

Rivian energy storage

That’s why Rivian has designed an extremely innovative pack, module, and battery management system. They did it seamlessly to transition. It’s a shift from vehicle energy storage to stationary energy storage.

Mind you moreover at the end of their vehicle life for a battery to have a circular use.

The battery module’s thin design enables second-life applications that are space-efficient. Also that are customizable. Finally, important for environments with existing infrastructure.

In addition, Adjuntas is a city of 20,000 in Midwestern Puerto Rico. It was severely impacted by Hurricane Maria in 2017, and with climate change increasing the frequency and severity of storms, Adjuntas NGO Casa Pueblo has sought to collaborate on rugged, affordable sources of community power. 

in addition, the Honnold Foundation and Rivian battery engineers visited Casa Pueblo. All earlier in 2019. Then to meet with community leaders and together. Thereby designing a site-specific system.

That means you can make a system that will power many of the businesses located in the Adjuntas town square. In Rivian energy storage comes in handy in power loss scenarios. So the downtown solar microgrid will allow Adjuntas residents access to electricity for core businesses.

In conclusion, by offsetting day-to-day electric bills, the system also brings down high commercial energy costs. So Rivian energy storage is perfect for Puerto Rico. Because their costs are twice the national average. Finally, the system is expected to launch in 2020. 

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