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Apartment living has its own set of upsides and challenges. While you have access to several amenities in this form of dwelling, it offers hardly room for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Rather, it is like living in an urban jungle where space is limited and you cannot do much in the name of having greenery. Still, there are some smart measures you can embrace to make your place green and eco-friendly. The best part is that you need not spend a fortune on these sustainable initiatives. Let us share some eco-friendly apartment living tricks that really work.

Prioritize energy efficiency 

Perhaps the easiest way to make your apartment lifestyle sustainable is by prioritizing energy efficiency. Something as simple as switching to LED light fixtures from the regular light bulbs can make a big difference. Investing in home automation and energy-efficient devices is another smart move because it lets you control energy usage. Consider using renewable energy if that is possible. While this lifestyle assures sustainability, you end up saving on power bills as well.

nest thermostat

Go the extra mile with recycling 

An apartment complex that has onsite recycling facilities is a great place to live in. However, this may not be the case with yours. Having an indoor composting system would be a great idea to make your place eco-friendly. Or you may look for a public recycling facility nearby and drop off the waste there. Recycle every bit of waste you can, whether it is by composting or reusing old stuff like coffee mugs as planters and worn-out curtains as new table covers!

Squeeze in a garden space

Creating a green area may seem like a distant dream for apartment dwellers but this is one you can surely achieve with some smart thinking. Surprisingly, it is easy to squeeze a garden space on your patio or garden. Invest in a vertical garden if you have a very small space. Conversely, you may consider to build a shed or a pre-built one to fit the space, as sells potting sheds which you can install in your balcony. All to create a small greenhouse. Flowers, vegetables, or fruits, the choice are all yours- but you can absolutely have a garden or even a little farm that cuts down your carbon footprint.

organic gardens, using eco friendly mulch, organic topsoil, organic seeds

Clean with green

Another aspect of eco-friendly living space is to clean with green materials rather than ones laced with chemicals. Lemon, vinegar, and baking soda are cleaning staples you can rely on. Whether it is cleaning agents, cosmetics, or personal care products, you should rely on everything natural and herbal. These will be gentle on your body as well as the environment.

Invest in sustainable furniture and furnishings 

When you buy furniture and furnishings for your home, select only sustainable materials. Look for recycled furniture to cut down the environmental impact. Invest in furnishings crafted only with natural and eco-friendly materials. Non-toxic paint is another way to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle and is great from the health perspective as well. 

In conclusion, embracing eco-friendliness as an apartment dweller is easier than you can imagine. It is only about going the extra mile for the environment, whether it is about giving up chemical-based products or moving over to earth-friendly habits.

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