Many organic herbs and spices found in your kitchen can improve the functioning of your immunity system and protect you against diseases.
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Microorganisms are omnipresent. There isn’t a single habitat where they cannot thrive from the deepest of the ocean to the hottest of the volcano’s springs. These tiny creatures wrap our bodies since the day you were born. Since then, they dwell on your skin by continuing various metabolic activities. They are called commensals, which means normal microflora of human bodies.

Generally, these microbes are stable. They populate on different parts like skin, gut, and other spaces during various stages of life. The normal microflora helps their host as they effectively compete with many disease-causing agents. However, many of these microbes are opportunistic pathogens, as they infect the body when it weakens.

Furthermore, a wide range of infectious organisms is always surrounding your body. These microbes can get entry into your body through various routes like air, food, and water. Although your immunity system is well-equipped to protect against such attacks, it needs strengthening for better performance. Many herbs and spices found in your kitchen can improve the functioning of your immunity system. Their regular consumption boosts your immune response and protects you against diseases. Here is the list of five such powerful herbs and spices for your immunity system.


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This Southeast Asian native plant is available in various forms like powder, energy drinks, etc.  Among these forms, you can choose green malay kratom to improve your immune responses. Kratom provides a natural way to boost immunity, especially when you do not approve of popping a handful of pills. Additionally, kratom is a preventive measure that does not stop the infection. But, it stimulates your immune system so that it can eradicate the infection effectively.

Kratom contains alkaloids like Isorhynchopylline and Isopteropodine that are responsible for stimulating your immune system. Also, the mitragynine present in the kratom is anti-hypertensive, meaning it prevents high blood pressure. By triggering your immunity, kratom helps you to keep a check on infections.

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Did you know that a cup of your morning cinnamon spice latte can boost your immunity? People use cinnamon to treat various discomforts like flu, lost appetite, colds, and even indigestion. Due to its therapeutic effects like controlling sugar, cinnamon is attracting the scientific community. It contains cinnamaldehyde, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, cinnamon provides relief from inflammation caused by disorders like cardiovascular diseases. A study has reported that the potentials of cinnamon in preventing cervical cancer.


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The queen of spices does more than giving the beautiful golden yellow color to your curries. For a long time, people from various cultures are using different forms of turmeric to cure infections. But, this golden-yellow spice is more than just an antimicrobial agent.

As you know, the human immune system consists of a wide range of cells producing different molecules to mount an immune response against pathogens. T cells and B cells are essential to cell lines whose activation is crucial for a robust immune response. Turmeric activates these cells; it also activates other vital immune cells like neutrophils, natural killer cells, dendritic cells, macrophages, etc.

The curcumin, a yellow-colored pigment of turmeric, is responsible for this spice’s maximum therapeutic effects. In the past two decades, various studies have proved that curcumin is a powerful immunomodulatory agent. This means turmeric can modify the immunity system of the body. Therefore, consuming turmeric strengthens your immunity to fight many infectious agents.


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This is another herb from your kitchen that can boost your immunity system. For a long time, people are using rhizomes of ginger to spice their drinks and food. Many people use ginger as herbal medicine to treat the discomforts like stomach aches, vomiting, flu, and the common cold. Ginger has a rich chemical profile, which is behind the therapeutic effects of this herb.

Ginger contains biologically active molecules named paradols, gingerols, and shogaol, which exhibit anti-cancer properties. Moreover, ginger exerts anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects, which slows down the process of aging. Many studies have come forwards proving the effectiveness of ginger against respiratory viruses. With all these benefits, ginger comes forwards as a powerful immune booster.


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Garlic is a pungent yet very beneficial herb. Many ancient civilizations like Babylonians, Greeks, and Egyptians used garlic for its medicinal properties. Garlic enhances your immune system’s functioning by stimulating various immune cells, like macrophages, lymphocytes, natural killer cells. Many scientists have reported the anti-cancer properties of allicin, a biologically active molecule from garlic. Furthermore, garlic enables your immune system to mount a strong response against cold and flu viruses.

Final Thoughts

A properly functioning immune system fights with pathogens and does not mount responses against its body cells. You have to maintain a healthy diet to achieve such an immune system. Indeed, synthetic supplements can help you during this process. However, they are expensive and come with unwanted side-effects. On the other hand, the herbs mentioned above are inexpensive and natural. The biologically active molecules from them strengthen your immune cells and help them mount a proper response against disease-causing agents. Besides, you can get creative with them and consume them in a way you like.

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