There’s usually talk surrounding how sustainability benefits the environment. But what about human health? It turns out that going green has endless pros for our well-being, too. If you want to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, you’ll improve your wellness as you improve the planet.

Here’s how being eco-friendly can boost your health.

1. Reduces Air Pollution

There’s a link between air pollution, climate change and health. Envision your car’s exhaust pipe for a moment. This part releases carbon dioxide into the air when you drive. If you have a diesel engine, your vehicle emits harmful black carbon, which creates air pollution. That’s only one contributor, as fossil fuels like coal and oil contain pollutants, too.

This problem reaches far and wide. It’s now more common for people around the world to die from air pollution than smoking. Therefore, you can see how improving air quality will help people and Earth.

How can you create better air quality? Try to use your car as little as possible. Instead, you should bike or walk. It’s smart to use natural cleaning products, too. If you want to make a more significant change, you could consider transitioning to renewable energy.

Air pollution. Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Unsplash

2. Involves Better Dietary Choices

Did you know seven out of 10 deaths in America are related to preventable chronic diseases? These conditions, like obesity and diabetes, are often due to dietary choices. If you want to eat healthier, you can make choices that support the environment, too.

Today’s agriculture practices negatively impact the planet. From water pollution to greenhouse gases, America’s industrial farms contribute to climate change — and that’s mainly because we produce meat and dairy. Experts point to vegetarian and vegan alternatives as a solution.

Those who limit meat and dairy consumption will have a lesser carbon footprint. Plus, they can avoid sodium, fats and other harmful elements in such products. It’s unnecessary to entirely eliminate meat and dairy, but you should incorporate more vegetables, fruits, and grains to help yourself and the planet.

Something like Meatless Mondays can help you get started. If you’re not sure how to make vegetarian or vegan dishes, you should take a few minutes to look up recipes. Then, you’ll know what to buy when you go shopping. It’ll soon be second nature to cook without meat and dairy throughout the week.

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3. Encourages Physical Activity

There’s a chance you’ll be more physically active when you choose sustainability. If you drive your car less often to reduce carbon emissions, you’ll have to walk or bike. This effort ensures you prioritize your physical wellness and improve your health. It’s helpful when you need to boost your vitamin D intake, too.

Projects like picking up litter outside and building a backyard garden also promote exercise while you support sustainability. If you spend any time outdoors, you’re likely being more eco-friendly as a result. Try to think about other ideas that promote physical activity and support the planet so that you can stay healthy.

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4. Decreases Anxiety and Stress

Have you ever spent a weekend in nature and came back home more refreshed? Those who spend more time outdoors can enjoy mental health benefits. Therefore, according to a naturopathic doctor in Phoenix, when you build a backyard garden or take a walk to work, you should feel less anxious and stressed — and that’s all while you reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s evident that green choices themselves make you happier, too. These actions give you purpose. After all, your decisions can lead to better lives for other people. It’s always helpful to partake in activities that have positive impacts. Additionally, you’ll learn to lead a more mindful life.

If you know your activities will essentially save lives by helping fight climate change, you can feel even better about them.

Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash

5. Boosts Productivity at Work

Many companies transitioned to remote work in 2020. This decision has environmental benefits, as employees don’t have to commute and buildings don’t use much energy. There’s also less waste generated overall.

This switch has other advantages. If you work remotely, you’ll probably be more productive throughout the workday. There won’t be distractions like chatty co-workers to pull you away from your work. Instead, you have more ownership over your space because you’re at home.

Overall, your decision to work from home helps the environment — but you can accomplish more during the workday. This productivity means you can log off earlier. Then, you’ll be able to spend more time with family and friends, which boosts your mental health.

A workplace filled with desks and employees. Photo courtesy of

Going Green Leads to Mental and Physical Benefits

Those who lead eco-friendly lifestyles tend to be healthier individuals. These people breathe cleaner air, eat better food and prioritize mental wellness — and you can join them. If you ever needed a reason to go green, you should think about how much your health will improve.

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