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The Honda Accord 2021 touring hybrid was of interest to me. Now while it performed amazing; the test was cut short due to a snow blizzard. I did get a best MPG of 51 MILES PER GALLON. Yet a worst MPG of 41 MILES PER GALLON. So for $26,000 plis to start; they made the mark. Wish it felt stronger in a blizzard type feel but the test beforehand with the newly added tech; it’s a VALUE!!


Widely regarded by experts as the benchmark midsize sedan. That’s because Honda really raises the Accord’s game for the 2021 model year. Especially with this new refresh. One that includes updates to styling, technology, drivability and safety features. In addition, unique upgrades were made to performance and design for the ultra-efficient and refined Accord Hybrid.

On-sale at Honda dealerships beginning Oct. 13, the 2021 Accord will carry a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting at $24,770 (not including destination and handling). All the while a 2021 Accord Hybrid will be available at a starting MSRP of $26,370.  Click here for a video tour of the changes.

As I wrote earlier about the car in 2017. It has this.

While the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring Electric Car is a bit more efficient than earlier models, it begs that question why they didn’t continue with the Honda Accord plugin hybrid? Anyway, as I reported on about the 2014 Accord hybrid (meaning not that much changed) uses the same Eco Assist button to help drivers improve fuel efficiency.

So let’s repeat:
Pressing the green ECON button can enhance the efficiency of vehicle systems such as:
– throttle control
– Continual Variable Transmission (CVT) operation
– idle-stop duration
– air conditioning and
– cruise-control

Yet, Honda still only uses their Earth Dreams Technology two-motor hybrid system. This has helped the 2017 Accord Hybrid to an EPA-rating of 53-55 mpg city. So while over 50 mpg was achievable the overall average was Still only about 45 mpg, In addition, the vehicle price tested was $36,790.00.

So it had the ECON. was $10k more. Less MPG rating but I GOT 51 mpg best. So wow. Price comes down, MPG slightly but not really. Like not at all LOL!


The 2021 Accord Hybrid benefits from updates to the innovative Honda two-motor hybrid system for a more direct and immediate throttle response with a more natural acceleration feeling as engine revs climb in concert with the driver’s throttle input. With a peak total system output of 212 horsepower and peak torque delivery of 232 lb.-ft. right off idle, Accord Hybrid has the most power and torque in its class, with a top fuel economy rating of 48 mpg2.


Thanks to the unique configuration of the two-motor hybrid system, the Accord Hybrid also can spend more time operating solely on electric power than competing hybrid models, imbuing Accord with a smoother and more refined driving feel. Also, Accord’s sophisticated brake-by-wire technology offers more natural and consistent braking performance and pedal feel versus competing models, seamlessly blending mechanical and regenerative braking force.

Honda’s two-motor hybrid system uses a propulsion motor and a generator/starter motor built with a patented Honda design made with magnets using no heavy rare-earth metals. This reduces magnet cost and weight, while also reducing reliance on rare-earth metals, helping avoid the often negative environmental impact of mining them.

The hybrid powertrain control system manages the power delivery between each component and seamlessly switches between EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive for maximum efficiency with no input from the driver. Accord Hybrid drivers can further maximize fuel efficiency, or power, by selecting between Sport, EV and ECON modes using the three buttons behind the push-button gear selector.

Already, Honda leads all full-line automakers in fleet-average fuel economy and low CO2 emissions according to the U.S. EPA, with 27 vehicles that received EPA combined fuel economy ratings of 30 mpg or higher.

Visually, Accord Hybrid adds its own unique touches to the styling updates made to the entire 2021 Accord lineup, including a blue H-mark on the grille and Hybrid badges on the front fenders and trunk lid. This year, Accord Hybrid Touring grade features 19-inch wheels, giving it an upscale and sporty appearance.


In addition to the updates made to Accord Hybrid’s two-motor system, the 2021 Accord’s two turbocharged engines receive updated engine management software for more linear and responsive throttle control. In addition, the 1.5-liter turbo has improved Idle Stop performance, with quicker engine start-up when the driver releases the brake.

The braking system has also been updated for smoother engagement. I mean when I was at low speeds such as in stop-and-go traffic. It felt more eco. Even in parking situations!

As Motor Trend Reports which was more acceptable to me on its review said:

For 2021, the Honda Accord Hybrid receives tuning changes to its gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain. One that is said to more closely tie the engine revs to the sense of acceleration.

You see, in the Accord Hybrid, the gas-fed 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine acts primarily as a motivator for an electric motor/generator. One which in turn feeds electricity to the primary electric drive motor. It’s also a novel single-speed transmission can feed engine power directly to the wheels at higher speeds.

In conclusion, this 2021 Accord Touring Hybrid makes a peak 212 hp from its two electric motors and gas engine. This is all along with a substantial 232 lb-ft of torque. Even in 2017, I test drove the Touring Hybrid. Felt to me more like an Acura engine than Honda feel. Yet the EPA-estimated fuel economy looks to stay the same. Around 48 mpg in the city, 47 mpg on the highway, and 48 mpg combined.

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