The sound of a wedding happening anytime soon usually brings a spark of excitement to all. Be it the very starring couple of the event or friends and family. 

But. If you are an eco-activist, things may be a bit different for you.  The spark in you may be at a constant battle with dread and worry.  You – being a responsible citizen of planet Earth – cannot take the amount of waste that this apparently happy event will be producing.  Isn’t that so? 

From preparations to post-wedding events, the event will initiate several such cycles that will negatively impact the natural environment in the long run. 

And you see it through. 

Well.  We get you.  And appreciate you. 

And so, we crafted this post to calm your worries. Here, you can find some highly effective ways of reducing wedding waste.

Digital Invitations

Events of all sorts often involve unnecessary wastage of paper. Be it in the form of labels, props, decorations, or invitations. Weddings are not an exception. 

If you wish to reduce your wedding waste, then cut down the number of your printed items as much as possible.  If you can invite your close friends and family via call, then there’s no need to waste paper to get the invitations printed. Alternatively, you can make use of plantable seed paper.  This eco-friendly paper delivers seeds to the soil once it decomposes. Note that it may be a little more expensive than the regular paper. You can even take it all to a whole new level and get yourself your very own wedding website!

Eco-friendly Wedding Dresses

Another great way to save on waste is to quit on fancy dresses. 

Most of us are willing to pay crazy sums of money for a dress that we will hardly wear once. First things first, you need to rid yourself of this approach. And start looking for something good-enough instead of the dress-of-your-dreams. It will open up an array of newer options for you.  

You can consider pre-owned gowns and dresses. Or look for your good-enough dress in boutiques that prioritize eco-friendly methods of acquiring fabrics and tailoring dresses. You could even rent your wedding dress

Along the same lines, wedding and engagement rings can cost you a fortune.  And know that when you pay for these glistening rings, you are indirectly paying for damage to the environment. Hence, you ought to save on these as much as possible. Buy a preowned ring. Or perhaps, find an alternative, such as a sweet surprise, a thoughtful gift, an ever-lasting memory, and whatnot.

Cut down the Commute Crisis

Say you’re inviting over 50 people.  Each of your guests will be coming from a different area in their respective vehicles. It would mean that your contribution to the pollution caused by vehicles moving to and fro from your wedding worsens the current pollution status by 50 times. 

You wouldn’t want that happening. Right? 

To avoid this, you can arrange a shuttle service that brings your guests directly to the venue.  It will not only save time and energy on your end but will also minimize vehicle-caused pollution by 49 times.  Cool.  No? 

Eco-friendly Wedding Entrance 

Now, it would be quite unfair to have your guests’ compromise on their convenience and use a common vehicle while you use a luxury vehicle of preference. It would be like asking your guests to care for the environment because it is something you are concerned about, while you refuse to pay the price of your concerns. 

Unfair. Isn’t it? 

So, what you can do to equate your input to your guests’ opt for an eco-friendly entrance and departure on your big day.  Instead of opting for luxury vehicles that may pollute the air and come from anti-green manufacturing methods, you can opt for electric scooters. These operate on rechargeable batteries and hence, have zero emissions. These are also way much more convenient and cute. Some of the best electric scooters of present times include Xiaomi Pro 2, Razor E100, Razor Eco smart Ultra HD, etc.

Prioritize Considerate Caterers

When it comes to food, you ought to pay attention to where the food is coming from.  To minimize emissions and other negative impacts caused by transportations, you can opt for caterers that source their raw ingredients from local organic farms. Also, it’s best to go with rented or cheap utensils instead of disposable plastic dishware.

Final Words

This isn’t it. These aren’t the only ways.  To think of it, there are a hundred, different million ways to reduce your wedding waste. It all depends on your level of concern and your approach towards the matter. If this provides you a lead, we’re happy to know that. But if you’ve got even better ideas, then we’re happier to know that. Go ahead!

Author: Shawn Mack

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