Can we talk bedding?! Over the past years, there’s no denying that many homeowners are becoming more conscious about their decisions.

Generally, these choices would all boil down to two factors—one, the desire to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, and, two, to opt for healthier options. As for the former, the switch is obvious, basing or choosing the right materials and products. For the latter, living with healthier choices takes a lot more conscious effort.

And, this effort has to be consistent. Living a healthier life isn’t just about what you eat and how often you exercise, among many others.

Don’t neglect another essential area: your sleep

After all, sleep is what your body needs to rejuvenate after a long day, to refresh and recharge for another day ahead. This is where eco-friendly beddings come in. They’re on the rise, primarily because of the many benefits that they can bring. These beddings come in many forms—duvets, comforters, a Sobakawa pillow, pillowcases, and even bamboo sheets.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not eco-friendly beddings are worth the hype, this article gives you all the insights that you need to know to shape your decision about getting one.

Top View of Handsome Young Man Sleeping Cozily on a Bed in His Bedroom at Night. Blue Nightly Colors with Cold Weak Lamppost Light Shining Through the Window.
Top View of Handsome Young Man Sleeping Cozily on a Bed in His Bedroom at Night. Blue Nightly Colors with Cold Weak Lamppost Light Shining Through the Window.

The Benefits Of Organic Beddings

So, to set the record straight this early on, organic beddings are worth the hype. Whether you choose bamboo fabric, buckwheat hulls, or whatever preference you have for your bedroom, these are worth the higher price tag they often come along with, compared with regular beddings and pillows.

There are many benefits that eco-friendly beddings can bring, and some of the many are:

1. Create A Healthier Bedroom

Among all other parts in your home, you’ve got to ensure that you’ve got a healthy bedroom. After all, this may be where you’re going to spend a lot of time. It’s where you can relax after a long day, and it’s where you sleep. If your bedroom does nothing to contribute well enough to your health, then you’re not able to make the most out of your sleep and relaxation.

Organic and eco-friendly beddings, such as mattresses, contribute to creating a healthier bedroom, for the very reason that they lack the nasty chemicals that ordinary beddings and fabrics may come along with. These sheets can often cause skin allergies and other respiratory conditions. Especially if you’ve got kids or family members with allergies, organic beddings are heaven-sent to help them lower the risk of having these allergies flare up.

It’s important to invest in creating a healthier bedroom, given that this is where you sleep. So, if you may have noticed your sleep condition being less than what’s acceptable, before making any drastic changes, perhaps, you’d like to start with your beddings. Then, you’ll begin to see changes in your overall sleep quality.

Remember that good sleep is important for the following reasons:

  1. It may lower the risk of heart problems, as lack of sleep can easily be associated with worsening blood pressure and rising cholesterol level.
  2. It reduces stress, as when you lack sleep. So then your body only goes to a higher level of stress.
  3. It makes you more alert the next day, as you’ve given your body enough time to recuperate and relax.
  4. It increases your productivity the next working day simply because your overall sleep quality improves. When you’re not able to sleep well, then you can expect your mood to be sloppy, and so will your ability to focus as well.
  5. It improves your immune system. Especially as of late, improving one’s immune system and keeping it strong is now more important than ever. This is your first line of defense against bacteria and viruses that can attack your body. No matter how much you eat well or take in healthy supplements, your immune system won’t function as well if you don’t sleep well enough.

A good sleep is still needed to give your body’s cells a chance to regenerate more antibodies during that state of relaxation. Alongside switching to Sobakawa pillows or eco-friendly beddings, here are other insightful tips for you to make your bedroom healthier as well:

To convince you further on the merits of switching to buckwheat pillows, among other eco-friendly beddings, here’s an informative video that’s worth checking out:

2. Pesticide-Free

When you say eco-friendly beddings, or any eco-friendly product, for that matter, these don’t just pertain to the materials of the products. These also go as far as ensuring that the main raw material or plant they’re coming from is farmed in the most organic and eco-friendly way possible.

With a good-quality, eco-friendly bamboo bedding, you know that you have one that’s pesticide-free. The plants themselves aren’t exposed to chemical fertilizers and pesticides during the growing and farming stages. Hence, the farms that produce those plants for further manufacturing into fabric also abide by organic certifications and standards.

Unfortunately, the chemicals on the fertilizers can possibly make their way into the cotton, for instance, that now becomes your fabric. This means that, unknowingly, you may have long been sleeping on a fabric that’s laden with nasty chemicals.

Having pesticide-free farming practices also results in a happier planet. The remnants of these chemicals can seep their way through the water or the soil of the farm, thus, making their way back to the environment. When accumulated in high quantities, this could possibly affect the health of the individuals living in the area as they live on contaminated soil and drink contaminated water.

When you choose to buy organic and eco-friendly products, you’re also supporting farmers who are practicing more sustainable farming methods.

3. Hypoallergenic

Third on this list is a big advantage for those families who have kids or family members who are suffering from allergies. As you make your home a safe place for them, free from any harmful element, this also means that you have to pay close attention to your beddings. If those with sensitive allergies have been waking up quite frequently to sniffles, then that’s a good telling sign for you now to switch to hypoallergenic beddings.

Organic and eco-friendly beddings are hypoallergenic simply because they don’t have any exposure to chemicals. They’re bleach-free, pesticide-free, and pigment-free. This, then, creates sheets that are less likely to create any adverse reaction on those individuals who suffer from allergies.

Apart from the obvious benefit of reducing allergies, there are many good reasons why hypoallergenic pillows, cases, and beddings, in general, are a must:

Organic and eco-friendly beddings are so well-made, such that they reduce friction on your skin. In effect, fine lines and wrinkles are also prevented.

They’re inhospitable to dust mites.

This means that the dust mites, which can frequently thrive on beddings, have no place to multiply and prosper in organic beddings.

4. Result In More Comfort

Sobakawa pillows, bamboo beddings, and any other organic and eco-friendly bedding bring in more comfort. Your change in sleep quality will be a testament to this statement, if you’re still skeptical about its viability. 

Organic bedding feels so much better because of the thought process that came in the manufacturing and production, ensuring that top-quality standards are met. Because the fabric itself had less contact and exposure to harmful chemicals, it brings in a naturally soft experience as well.

Organic beddings come from fabrics that are gentler on the skin, as well as cooler and more breathable. So, especially for those sleepers who suffer from night sweats, organic beddings are a big advantage when it comes to comfort.

5. Better Temperature Control

Organic fibers have better temperature control than synthetic fibers. This is great for those who may be sleeping in humid environments, or for those who sweat quite a lot at night. 

Because of the materials they’re made of, eco-friendly beddings allow for more air circulation and ventilation to flow through. This enables removal of body moisture through better absorption, which then evaporates back into the air, rather than on the body. This can keep your body dry and comfortable through the night.

6. More Durable

Durability is another advantage that comes with the price of organic beddings. These aren’t just priced high for no reason, and it’s not even about the hype.

There’s so much more care and precision that comes into the manufacturing of organic beddings. The goal isn’t just to come up with good-quality beddings. Yet it’s to create more durable ones. You may have to spend more at present when opting for organic beddings. However they’re an investment in the long run. Especially when you find that you won’t have to buy new sheets as frequently anymore.

In conclusion, organic beddings don’t break down. Also and get worn out as easily as those made of synthetic materials. 

The Different Organic Sheet Fabrics

Teenage girl sleeping on soft mattress and pillow on grass outside. Healthy relaxing on cosy bed on fresh air in garden.

Now that you’re aware of the different benefits that organic and eco-friendly sheets can bring, it’s also important to touch on what these fabrics are. That way, you can be guided on what to look for when it’s time for you to start shopping for new beddings.

With that in mind, these are some of the most popular organic sheet fabrics out in the market today:

  1. Cotton. This has been one of the most common types of bedding fabrics for many years now. It’s easy to care for, durable, breathable, and is also quite affordable. Just be sure that you’re not getting synthetic cotton and that you’re buying the purest one possible.
  2. Pima cotton.  This type of cotton is generally grown in the Southwest part of the United States. It’s created with medium to extra-long fibers so as to bring about that soft and natural sheen.
  3. Linen. This kind of fabric is quite heavier than cotton, and also a lot stronger. When created into beddings, it creates a high-quality and high thread count bedding.
  4. Silk. This is well-known for luxury beddings. Especially with its pure and natural source coming from silkworms. When you have real silk beddings, not only will your bedroom look luxurious. However it’ll also give you that very relaxing feel. It creates a smooth and cooling feeling when you sleep. Plus, silk is also hypoallergenic.
  5. Bamboo. This is one of the most popular bedding materials today, with so many homeowners choosing to switch to bamboo beddings. And, this is most rightfully so because not only are they natural and hypoallergenic, but they’re also very cooling and gentle to the skin.


With this you now comprehensive information that you now have about organic and eco-friendly beddings. So are you more convinced that this is now a good decision for you to make?  You may have heard of the saying, “Invest in your sleep.” And, there’s no better way to do so than to change up your room.

In conclusion, eco-friendly and organic beddings can be more expensive. However they’re worth the price. And, they don’t come with that price tag for nothing. Eventually, you’ll start to see the difference in your sleep quality. Finally and even in the overall relaxing ambience and comfort level of your home.

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