Eco-friendly fire drapes do not emit carbon residues. They are a recommendable choice if you are an environmentally conscious person. A fire drape is a fire-resistant eco-friendly fabric that is discreetly lowered from the ceiling of a building when a fire alarm goes off. It becomes the barrier between the fire and the escape route the building occupants will use for evacuation. Unlike eco-friendly fire drapes that do not emit carbon, synthetic fire drapes are harmful as they are made with chemicals whose residue might affect people.

Why Eco-Friendly Drapes are great

1. Protective

The curtains protect the building’s occupants as they evacuate a fire. At the same time, they help control the spread of the fire vertically and horizontally as they compartmentalize the building. This slows down the spread of fire and smoke.  

2. Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly curtains are made from fibers that are organic and have no chemical residues. Natural cotton is in many natural colors that do not have pesticides or insecticides. That’s what makes these curtains eco-friendly, as they do not harm the environment as synthetic curtains do. 

3. Durability

In addition to being environment-friendly, eco-friendly fire drapes are economical. The fire curtains are made of natural fiber that absorbs heat and smoke without damage. They are as well durable since they do not fade or age from the heat. This makes their use economical as they do not need replacement after every use. 

4. Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic means eco-friendly curtains can not cause any allergic reactions. Chemical residues from curtains may affect people who are sensitive to chemicals or have respiratory problems such as asthma. The eco-friendly curtains are free of all these residues and are safe to use as fire drapes. 

How to Choose Eco-friendly Fire Drape

The fire drapes smoke-resistant fabric has the potential to stop a fire’s progress. When choosing the curtains, confirm that they;

1. Meet Required Fabric Standard

To be sure you get the quality of fire drapes that meet your expectations, check with the local fire department as they would know the standards followed for fire drapes. They will guide you to make the best choice. You can also get advice from the manufacturer of the curtains for clarification. The manufacturer may also recommend the best quality to suit your need. Get a certificate from the vendor when you place the order for the curtains. This will ensure you get what you’ve ordered. 

2. They are Fire-Retardant (FR)

Read the description properly as the fabric could be less effective after laundry treatment. Invest in quality that will be durable and fire-retardant even after laundry. On laundry, use dry cleaners that offer cleaning services of FR drapes. The drapes shouldn’t change even after many piles of washing. 

Fire drapes are great, more so if they are eco-friendly as they help save lives and protect property from fire damage. It is an economical and easy way to control the spread of fire and smoke in a fire accident. They are worth investing in as an essential in response to a fire outbreak in a building.

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