What do you do when your car gets all rusted and dented? What is your next step when your car has turned into a piece of junk after sitting outdoors for ages? It’s not usable or sellable anymore. So, how will you dispose of it? 

The answer is quite simple.  You will give your once-upon-a-time car to the scrap dealers or scrapyard. Approximately 12-million cars get scrapped every year in the USA. That’s a lot of cars! 

But how will scrapping your car benefit you? Yes, you will get some cash in exchange. You might even end up making your porch look cleaner and better. 

Wait, what about the environment? Does scrap car removable benefit the environment in any aspect? Or are you going to harm it further? Let’s evaluate the matter in detail! 

Conserves Non-renewable Resources 

The entire car comprises metals, whether it be new or junk.  Your car’s body, components, engine, exhaust, and practically everything comprise one important thing that is metals. 

Did you know that 25-percent of the Earth’s crust is metal? Well, while this may seem a lot, the unfortunate part is the non-renewability of the resources. 

We cannot have an abundance of these valuable resources. Unlike water and air, metals take millions of years to form.  Hence, when poor management of the metal can exhaust the limited resources and create scarcity for future generations. 

Exhausting of resources will eventually lead to more extraction and thus will damage the environment. It is also possible for the resources to vanish completely in the coming years. 

So, what’s the solution? It is recycling and reusing the metals. And, removing scrap cars offers you just the right opportunity.

Once you hand it over to scrap my car dealers, they will use it to extract valuable metals. Then, these metals will get recycled in the production of other things. Some of these metals include steel, aluminum, platinum, and copper. 

Prevents Landfills

Accumulation of scrap cars has one prominent consequence, which is landfills.  

Landfills refer to a traditional waste disposal method where people dig a hole, dump all the waste, and cover it up. Humans have been practicing this method for thousands of years. 

And, well, it has several benefits too.  For example, a standard waste landfill produces energy resources over time like biogas. However, please note, it is only for waste comprising organic matter.  

A landfill of scrap cars is quite dangerous for the environment. Unlike organic matter, metals do not decompose. So, a landfill of scrap cars would stay like that for millions of years.  

Moreover, the chemical reactions occurring between the metals and the air can create toxicity in the environment. It leads to our very next point! 

Helps Manage Toxic Waste 

An old junk car may appear harmless and useless. But there are several toxic substances in it.  These can cause damage to not only you but also to the environment.

For example, a car has chemicals and fluids in its engine parts. There is acidic battery fluid, power steering fluid, sodium azide, brake fluid, and whatnot. All of these substances are quite toxic. 

Once left as a scarp, the toxic waste of a car may seep out. These leakages may be due to the weather or rusting of the metallic containers. It may as well be due to the scrap car landfills. 

These toxic liquids can seep out and contaminate the surroundings. Chemicals may enter the soil and nearby water bodies. 

When considering short-term consequences, these leakages can potentially burn your skin and body by direct contact. It can also harm innocent animals passing by. 

In the long term, cultivation in contaminated soil or usage of contaminated water can develop new diseases.  It can spread illnesses and health problems. Now, imagine the scale of this devastation!  

Clears Up Space 

Scrap cars can take up a lot of space, whether it be a single car in your garage or several piled up in a junkyard.  

In today’s fast-paced world, land is as valuable as gold or silver. Each day, approximately 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest get cleared to make space for an ever-growing population. Such a rapid degradation of trees can drop the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. And it makes survival difficult for all living organisms.

Well, while removing scrap cars cannot entirely meet the land demand, it can fulfill a portion of it. After all, each drop contributes equally to form a single water body.  

Instead of car dumping, the land can get used for several other human activities. As a result, some percentage of the trees would get saved and protect the environment. 

Protects Animal’s Habitat 

Scrap cars dumped at different places can pose a risk to the habitat of animals. It doesn’t matter whether your scrap car is lying in the garden outside or the no-man’s-land.  

Thousands of animal species live in a thousand different places.  So, one must be vigilant about things.  Landfills of scrap cars play a prominent role in destroying animal’s habitats. The homes of these animals get occupied by metallic junk. 

Consequently, animals have to adapt to these changes by adjusting their homes nearby. Some animals even die in this process of adaptation.  And, let’s not forget the risk posed by toxic waste.

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