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M“As you sow, so shall you reap.” This adage perfectly fits today’s scenario where Earth’s population is generating more waste than what it could decompose naturally. This calls for desperate measures to make sure none of the waste goes to landfills untreated. According to reports, recycling rate for household waste has been on the rise since 2015. So this is good news. And the EU standards expect at least 50% of the household waste is recycled. That’s of course before ending up in the landfills.

However, in most parts of the world, waste disposal methods are inadequate. Especially when it comes to meeting sustainable standards. Fortunately, the United Kingdom is taking strict measures to curb inappropriate waste disposal. Also and as well pave the way for a sustainable, clean and green future.

Looking at the bigger picture might let you heave a relief. However at the micro level, where every household, neighborhood and town is accountable. So things are yet to begin to look up. This is not to point fingers or play the blame game. Yet in some parts of the country, proper waste disposal methods are not embraced wholeheartedly. If something of this sort is happening because of you or around you?! Therefore you should know that it will come back to you in more radical ways.

Cause well nobody seems to bat an eye, unless the damage is to be recouped from their pockets.

Although did you know your State has to fork out a large chunk of money? Yes folks, to counter the negative effects of improper toxic waste disposal?

And where does this money come from?

The citizens.

The tax-payers.

Because this vicious cycle of improper toxic waste management and paying more taxes winds up in a big circle. So the impact is not felt directly. But that doesn’t mean you sparing of the brunt.

Apart from this, there are several other ways improper waste management costs you. However, knowing the problem as well as the solution can prevent imminent catastrophe. Yet and or at least delay it for another thousand years. It’s only if we start to mend our ways today.

In today’s modern world, not recycling your waste is the eighth sin. A sin that leads you to a living hell.

Therefore, being mindful of what you are throwing away and how.  However we should be in an all that it takes mode. You know, so to do your small bit for the bigger cause. As well as in the UK and other countries of the world, landfills can only take a limited amount of junk in a year. And recycling is one of the proven ways to condense the waste into a biodegradable form.

In some cases, recycling the waste also reduces the dependency on extracting and exploiting new resources. More noteworthy, which is an expensive process in itself. Therefore, it is important that you shake your conscience before tossing anything in the trash.

Green is the only hope we can cling onto

Going green is the need of the hour more than just a trend. That’s to obtain a celebrity status. While it may sound a transformational step for your lifestyle, it isn’t. But the positive impact it will have on the environment is immense.

Start with using sustainable products in your household or business so that the waste so generated is as harmless as the product itself. For instance, whether you are getting your carpets cleaned or appliances installed, there’s always a green alternative that might cost you slightly extra, but the benefit will come back to you in a bigger, better way.

Are you putting toxic waste in the right bin?

Any toxic waste such as chemicals or electronics are disposed of differently to regular household trash because the former cannot end up in the landfill without meeting sustainable treatment. For toxic waste management, you will need to check with your rubbish removal expert to make sure your toxic waste goes out in a separate container and is disposed of as recommended by the authority.

While it may be tempting to flush expired medicines or other pharmaceutical products down the drain, into the environment, this practice can cause severe harm to the quality of soil and natural reserves of water. Therefore, you must label boxes that contain toxic waste disposal. Moreover it put them in the ‘hazardous’ skip bin. All for your rubbish expert to whisk away versus proper toxic waste disposal.

Are you maintaining your Sewage System in good shape?

A poorly maintained sewage system is a potential hazard and a threat to hygiene at various levels. Not only a blocked or broken sewage system affects you, the homeowner, but the ripples go far and wide to cause inconveniences at best and serious diseases at worst.

And when it comes to sewage disposal in your locality, it is imperative that you let professionals handle it for you. Also, make sure your septic tank isn’t backing up. If it is, get it fixed by a licensed company in your area.

Did you throw something in the trash today which you shouldn’t? Could it have been recycled or disposed of in a more appropriate way? If yes, then consider this a gentle reminder for the next time when you toss something in the trash mindlessly. And kudos to those who are considerate of the environment they live in.

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