Do you know that you can heat your home without harming the environment? Most people are unaware of the many sustainable options to keep their homes warm, and they end up choosing unsustainable heating systems.

According to a BIES survey, 77% of UK residents use a central gas heat system to keep their homes warm. We all know that the extensive use of fossil fuel across households can add to global warming and increase energy costs as well. Therefore, going green is the best choice all around.

In recent years, the UK government has been stressing to reduce carbon emission by limiting the number of houses built with gas heat systems as well as cheap radiators. Although the use of gas seems inevitable, there are various other ways in which you can stay green while heating your home.

So if you want to make your home heating more eco-friendly, then follow this article to the end.

1. Solar Heating Systems

The word solar means sun, so basically, in solar heating, we are utilizing the energy from the sun to heat our home. Solar heating is one of the cleanest means to heat your home. Since it is readily available and can run without the necessity of fossil fuel.

Moreover, the solar heat system will indeed work during winter. But the efficiency will waver due to the varying sunlight on the solar thermal panels. Further, you will need a backup system such as an electric heater to ensure a constant heat supply in winter.

How Much Does a Solar Heating System Cost in the UK?

The cost of a solar heating system can range from €3,000 to €6,000 in the UK. This is the estimate of the total sum, including all parts such as solar thermal panels, collectors, and water tanks. The rates will also depend upon the plumbing service and the complexity of the water pipe system in your house.

2. Biomass Boiler

A biomass boiler works similarly to a natural gas boiler. The natural gas boiler, as the name implies, uses gas to heat water. In fact, natural gas is the fuel used in the central heating system, which is widely used during winters in the UK.

A biomass boiler, unlike a gas boiler, uses wood pellets obtained through sustainable sources for heating. As a result, it leaves less harmful effects upon the surrounding. Moreover, approximately 8.5 million tons of wood go into waste in the UK. So what could be more decent than using this waste wood as a pellet to heat boilers or stoves?

What are the Expenses of  a Using Biomass Boiler in the UK?

Many things will define the cost of a biomass boiler in the UK. Basically, there are three things on which the rates depend;

  1. Type of fuel being used.
  2. The storage size.
  3. The type of boiler you have bought.

Depending upon these things, the expenses could range from €5,000 to €20,000. But you must lookup for the costs since they fluctuate from region to region in the UK.

3. Biofuel

Biofuel is a renewable source of energy to heat your home. It is derived from sources such as animal fat and vegetable oil. Meanwhile, fossil fuel takes millions of year to form a biofuel can be produced in few months.

Additionally, biofuel is eco-friendly and can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. In fact, many people have already started adding 5 to 25% biodiesel in their oil furnaces. Hence, if you want to promote greener energy, then replace your oil furnace fuel with biodiesel.

4. Propane Heating (LPG Heating)

Propane has one of the lowest carbon emission profiles in comparison to natural gas. It is also a very efficient and affordable method of heating your home. In fact, using LPG heating in your home can decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 68%.

Moreover, people rely upon natural gas grids and also refer to LPG and other options. LP gases such as propane can be used with your central heating system just like natural gas. The only thing that makes it different is the way it comes to your home.

What are the Costs for LPG Installation and is Propane Safe for Indoor Use?

Natural gas can come via grid pipes, while LPG needs to be transported in tanks. Due to this reason, you will pay service charges for LPG. You can expect costs up to euro 1,125 depending upon your supplier rates and home heating habits.

If you want to buy a home with an LPG heating system, you need to make sure that storage tanks and pipes are well maintained. Since you cannot do this by yourself. You will need to hire a professional service for this task. Next, you should aim for Gas Safety Certificates, which will be given to you by these professionals based upon the condition of your gas appliances.

5. Ground Source Heat Pump

The ground heat pump uses deep underground pipes to extract heat from the earth. These pipes then circulate the heat around your residence for things such as radiators and a hot water system. The installation costs for the ground heat pump can range from €13,000 to €35,000.

The cost is not static, and it will vary from region to region in the UK. Moreover, using a ground source heat pump can be beneficial and eco-friendly. It does not require any sort of combustion and mainly runs on the solar heat trapped by the ground.

Heat your Home in 2021 While Staying Green with Eco-Friendly Methods

People are getting more conscious about their role in this world and its ecosystem. Hence, you can adapt some of these heating schemes to reduce your energy expenditures and support the ecosystem.

Additionally, it’s never too late to contribute towards sustainability. So always keep this in mind and do your best to conserve resources wherever possible. Do you know that a geothermal heating system is one of the most eco-friendly systems in the world? Find out in this article!

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