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Solar energy is acquired from radiant sunlight and it can be used to generate green and cheap electricity. Solar energy is one of the best and largest natural resources in the world. Using solar power can lower carbon footprint. Unlike other sources of energy, solar energy does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere. 

On average, each year American household produces14920 pounds of CO2. So, if you have installed 1Kilowatt solar panel, it lowers the carbon footprint by 3000 pounds annually. Apart from this, there are many other advantages of solar energy. If you would like to know more advantages of solar energy, just keep reading! 

1. Zero Energy-Production Costs

Solar energy fully depends on heat and light from the sun and hence requires no extra inputs during production. This leaves the energy production cost at zero. Cost is only inquired during the installation process and manufacture of solar components i.e. Solar panels, Inverters, Microcontrollers, and Batteries.

Money spent during the installation process is quickly recovered since there are no other expenses in the production process.

2. Less Energy Lost in Long Distance Transmission

As the distance between supply points and production points increases, the amount of energy lost increases. The lost energy has major effects on the performance of solar systems in densely populated areas. However, the amount of energy lost is minimal. 

Solar panels are mounted on rooftops so as to reduce the distance to be covered by the DC current hence reducing the losses. This in return increases the efficiency of the solar plant system.

3. Versatile Installation Process

Solar panels and solar systems can be installed almost anywhere due to their simple nature. However, they need to stay away from trees and face the sun. This can be on rooftops or on raised structures. New technologies have allowed solar panels to float on large water bodies. 

Solar power offers cheap and affordable energy. This has helped many marginalized areas to easily access electrical power that is important for the development and well-being of man. It helps prevent installing the very expensive electrical distribution lines.

4. Energy Production

Between 11.00 am and 16.00 pm is when energy demands are at their peak. The demand goes down from 20.00-23.00 during the night. Electricity tariff prices are highest during times of peak demand. This is a result of a shortage in electricity supply.

In solar technology, the period when the demand is at its highest is the same period when energy production is at its maximum.

Companies that have both grid and off-grid supply use the energy from their solar systems to reduce electricity costs.

5. Environmental Friendly

Solar energy is environmentally friendly and is referred to as green energy. There is no carbon pollution during production and the lack of noise makes it suitable for urban areas. Additionally, when generating electricity, solar energy does not produce waste. 

Solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance and have a life span of 20-25years. They are also able to withstand adverse weather conditions without deteriorating.

6. Support to the Grid

Solar energy acts as a backup in case of blackouts or voltage drops in the grid. Voltage drops and blackouts are a nuisance to most production companies. However, installing solar systems provide energy when the grid fails or is low. The solar system relieves the grid and supplies clean energy.

7. Reduce Cost of Production

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy and this in return reduces the production cost of clean solar energy. The zero production cost significantly reduces the initial investment cost.

Energy from the sun is continuous and unlimited and doesn’t require any additional usage costs or maintenance costs.

Recent research has pointed out a reduction in the cost of manufacturing solar components. People will afford to install solar systems without having to dig deep into their pockets.


Solar energy is the way to go. It is clean, cost-effective, requires little maintenance, and saves the environment. Speak to NJ Josco Energy to find out more.

Ensure a technician with prior knowledge in electricity basics and training on solar systems installs your solar panels. This will help reduce the number of accidents during installations. One also has to seek professional help when it comes to the sizing of solar systems, to avoid having a big system for a small home or a small solar system for large energy demand.

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