Gazebos are those beautiful, octagon, hexagon, square, or rectangular-shaped structures with or without openings on all sides that provide a sitting area and shelter from the sun. Some are built just for seating, while others are equipped with cozy fireplaces, a bar, a kitchen area, or an entire entertainment center.

You can find these beautiful structures at parks, in public gardens, and even right in your own backyard. Many people have gazebos in their backyards to enhance the landscape. You don’t have to live in a mansion to have one, but you do have to have a decent-sized backyard.

Types of Gazebos

There are several different types of gazebos, and many similar structures under a different name. Here are some of the most common types that you can have in your backyard.


The hexagonal or octagonal shape is the most common type. These gazebos can sit alone in the yard, sit on a patio, or be an extension of your deck. This type can feature built-in wooden seating and tables.

Square Lounge Area

As the name suggests, these gazebos are square-shaped, maybe even rectangular. This is the design you want to go for if you’re looking to make this a more cozy area, complete with lounge furniture and maybe even a fire pit.

Oblong Gazebo

Have a pond or small lake in your backyard? These oval-shaped gazebos are perfect for that! Sitting at the edge of the water, you’ll have a nice, relaxing, and shaded view of the water.

Other Types of Gazebos

You can also have one sitting next to your pool if you have one, a folly gazebo (built from metal) to enhance the aesthetics of your garden, a rotunda (dome-shaped roof), a pavilion (open sides), or a pergola, which uses curtains or sun shades instead of actual railing.

Buy or D.I.Y.?

You can buy simple, basic gazebos for under $600, but the more elegant ones made out of wood, brick, or vinyl can range anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000. It all depends on what kind you want. These usually come in “kits” for you to build at home, but you could also attempt to build a simple wooden gazebo yourself.

Materials Needed for a D.I.Y.

Number one is a base. This can be a wooden base, or you can use the ground as your base. You can also choose to use a type of natural element, such as sand or stones. Just be sure that the posts are sturdy.

For a simple gazebo, you’ll need four posts for the corners. They can be at whatever height you desire and any distance. Just note that a bigger gazebo may need more than four posts. You are also going to need horizontal bracing beams, perpendicular to the vertical posts, and four more beams at the top to join the posts.

You are also going to need bolts to hold the beams and posts together, and you’ll need additional wood pieces depending on if you want a roof or built-in seating.

Professional Services

If building a gazebo, either from a kit or from scratch, seems too hard, you can always consult a contractor. This is definitely recommended if you’re looking to build something more similar to a lounge area with cozy seating, a cooking area, or a fire pit. 

Even if you are able to build a gazebo yourself, you shouldn’t attempt to build one this complex. In fact, depending on where you live, there may be legal requirements for your state that you have to meet to build such a structure at your home These elegant gazebos are almost like mini houses with an entertainment area and a fully-functioning kitchen. This requires the use of electricity and water sources, and a permit may be required.

If you know that this is a D.I.Y. project that you can tackle, then go for it. Just remember that any electrical or plumbing work should be done by a professional.

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