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Live plastic free.  It’s so simple but we need to live with less plastic to start. For the effects of climate change are starting to become more apparent. That’s also with each passing year. I mean global consciousness surrounding sustainability and the environment is slowly evolving with it. Air pollution, water scarcity and plastic oceans in our lives. In addition to world hunger. For they are some of the most pressing issues we are currently facing. All which can become even more detrimental in the long run. When facing such a grim future, it’s natural to want to live a greener lifestyle.  Moreover, make some positive changes. Those that will improve the planet. If that is your goal for 2023 as well, here are some simple ways you could live more sustainably:

Live plastic less or reduce use

Plastic is in our lives

Single-use plastic is in our lives. For it can be incredibly convenient. Yet plastic is our lives adds one of the most detrimental materials to the planet. In fact, its non-biodegradable properties often keep plastic in landfills for decades or even centuries. The best solution to this issue would be to avoid single-use plastics whenever possible. This means bringing your own containers when buying coffee or takeout, using reusable bags in stores instead of purchasing plastic ones. Our lives don’t need to be drinking from plastic straws. We should be bringing your own utensils when eating fast food. Also, carrying a refillable water bottle. So do that instead of purchasing one plastic bottle.

Live plastic free to Shop second-hand

Live to Shop second-hand

While we can often be tempted only to buy new products. For green are used alternatives. For they are always a better choice. This practice is more environmentally friendly. Thereby considering the fact that the lifecycles of items are prolonged and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Not to mention that it is much more affordable as well. You can buy second-hand clothes and shoes in local vintage shops, pre-loved furniture in flea markets and online marketplaces, and even used books in specialized bookstores. As long as the items you purchase are from good, durable brands, even second-hand stuff can last with proper care.

Change beauty routines

Live to Change beauty routines

Although often overlooked, even your daily beauty routine could be damaging to the environment. Enhance it to lower your impact. Choose glass containers over plastic when possible, and consider zero-waste products such as shampoo and conditioner bars. You can also find the best ponytail hair extensions that can be worn a number of times thanks to their high quality and elegant look. In terms of makeup and skincare, go for vegan or cruelty-free products that don’t harm animals, and choose reusable cotton pads and eco-friendly beauty tools like bamboo makeup brushes.

Live to Walk or bike more often without a plastic water bottle 

Walk or bike more

It’s no secret that vehicles are among the largest contributors to pollution. With that in mind, minimizing your driving as much as possible can be of great help. Whenever the weather permits, try walking or riding a bike more often, whether you’re going to and from work or simply enjoying the natural surroundings. If the weather is unfavorable or you live in an area that isn’t quite pedestrian-friendly, remember that public transport is a better option than personal vehicles as well. If you have a large enough budget, you could also consider replacing your car with an electric alternative.

Aim to eat less meat

Eat less meat

The meat and dairy industry is another aspect we rarely think about. However, the production of these foods can be surprisingly harmful to the environment. The production of animal-based foods requires extreme amounts of water. It also consumes valuable land for cultivation and even pollutes the groundwater with debris. The morality of industrial farming is often quite questionable as well. Make it a point not to contribute to these negative impacts. You don’t necessarily have to become a vegan or a vegetarian. Simply reducing your meat and dairy intake on a weekly basis can improve your ecological footprint.

Reuse and recycle

Reuse recycle

Possibly the simplest way to live more sustainably is to reuse what you can. Reuse containers for storage, purchase refillable products, use washable dishcloths, tailor and repair clothing, maintain appliances and devices, and think about renting or borrowing items you won’t need in the long term. When you simply have to purchase new items and get rid of old ones, make sure you have a good recycling plan in place. This easy step can go a long way toward lowering carbon emissions and minimizing your overall environmental impact.

No matter how small, every step can help to create a cleaner and healthier environment. If you want to live more sustainably in 2023, make these simple lifestyle changes mentioned above.

Author: Diana Smith

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