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Trees, Plants, Flowers, Greenery, are some of the most beautiful things on the earth, which are natural. Busy life, hectic days, work to keep you away from nature. So, you should know that it’s not only a hobby to pursue; it’s a treatment. Treatment for what? That benefits during addiction recovery. Gardening has been a proven treatment for helping people’s wellbeing. It is not only practical but most accessible, affordable that will help in addiction recovery. 

Being in addiction, avoiding it, getting treatment, and then withdrawal- this is not a limited process or not. It ends with withdrawal. The after-effect and withdrawal symptoms are another journey. There is a lot you need to face in the real world filled with challenges. After withdrawal, a new life began, to learn and grow without any addiction to bad things. The baton rouge detox center is the perfect place to seek help. 

It would help if you found ways to hold yourself up after the withdrawal. Things to do, the most important things that will treat and make you happy. One of the best activities can be gardening, and you can start gardening immediately. 

It doesn’t need a lot of things. You can start with nothing because you already have it around, plants, and you need to start doing it. Living in nature can be the best thing you can do to feel good and happy. 

Following are the ten benefits of gardening therapy in addiction recovery.

1. New Skill to Learn

Gardening is another new activity and skill to develop. Gardening will help to maintain focus and improve concentration on precise detailing, and it will allow for many other things in the future. Nurturing a new life will make you fulfilled. 

Watering the plant, feeding it with nutrients, and letting it grow on its own. The plant’s growth is a process to progress65 yourself to recover from the past, and it will improve the personality like caring for something.

2. Improves Patience and Positive Approach

Gardening needs patience, consistency. Your addiction recovery is somewhat similar to planting, and it builds trust and hopes to grow something beautiful.  

While recovering from addiction, numerous things are going on in mind: many questions, negativity, and negligence. Creating a healthy routine to live a good life becomes very important in the recovery process. Taking care of plants while growing makes you look at the positive side. Being around nature makes you feel positive towards life. Develops the feeling of being good to others and yourself.  

It’s never easy to forget the wrong thing that happened in a past life. But it’s never impossible. If you do Gardening therapy daily, it will help you in finding the motivation.

3. Help to Reduce the Stress

 Gardening can decrease the cortisol level. It is a hormone released by the body in stressful conditions. In addition, it can help to promote relief from stress. The result will show when you start taking an interest in Gardening, planting, caring. It would eventually make you feel relieved. The withdrawal process leads to developing stress. Gardening is the activity that will contribute to your journey to stay away from stress.

4. Exposure to Sunlight and Vitamin D

Withdrawal from addiction weakened immunity. The sunlight will increase the levels of vitamin D. Daily. Working in the garden for a few minutes with exposure to the sun and increasing vitamin D. Natural sunlight during gardening recovers you from addiction and makes you feel more energetic.

5. Improves Mental Health

During addiction recovery, a person’s mind goes through a lot. Sometimes it becomes hard to digest things that are happening around. The mind develops tension, anxiety due to changes happening. Gardening gives exposure to an environment that offers maximum improvement for mental health. 

Scientifically it is said that soil bacteria helps to improve your resilience to stress. The microbiome will regulate stress in brain function, mood, and even physiology. 

Serotonin is essential to stay away from depression and anxiety. Some of the soil bacteria produce more serotonin from the neurons in our brain. 

6. Improve Socialization Skills and Sleeping Quality

Staying away from people, being in treatment can lead to forgetting to socialize. Buying plants, planting make your way to getting socialized and communicating with others. Trouble sleeping is common for many in daily life, but it’s more hectic in addiction recovery. Working in gardens, getting sunlight will help to relax, giving you quality sleep.

7. Physical Health

Addiction recovery affects physical health. To improve physical health, you need to ensure regular exercise. Drugs and alcohol affect various parts of your body, heart, liver, and stomach. Gardening activity will help you to improve the body’s circulation. Being surrounded by plants will help to cleanse your blood of toxins. Few gardening activities like planting, digging, and watering will contribute to health improvement. Gardening will boost the immune system and lower your blood pressure.

8. Gardening as Meditation

Focusing and learning to control negative emotions. Focusing on Gardening and certain plants improves mindfulness and help you focus. Gardening can help to relax the response of the nervous system.

9. Provide a Purpose Each Day

Addiction was something that was taking you towards negative thoughts. But addiction recovery is bringing you a new positive life. Being engaged in the activity gives the aim and purpose each day. Looking at growing plants will make you feel fresh and impart a sense of wellness.

10. Getting Engaged and Staying Away From Loneliness, Boredom

What is more important than having something to do, to stay away from negativity? It’s gardening that will keep you away from loneliness and boredom. You will build a relationship with Plants. That will make you feel surrounded by some good things.


Gardening offers a variety of benefits like calming, relaxing. Nature taught us many things to live life and to grow life. Watching plants grow from little is great to build yourself from nothing. Therefore, gardening is not only to grow fresh food and flowers. It gives you nourishment. Additionally, gardening can help a lot in recovery from addiction. Help to avoid the creation of negative emotions.

Author: Kaitlin Justice

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