Personal hygiene products can be the biggest source of waste for many households. The number of products that you go through can be astonishing. This can be a nightmare for any sustainably-minded family. While this realization may be triggering anxiety, there is a myriad of ways that you can combat this. One of those ways is to be more intentional with the products that you purchase. If you want to live a greener life, here are a few hygiene products you need to swap out for greener alternatives.


Many people pick out their toothpaste with little research. Toothpaste selection can often come down to what is on sale or what is available at your local store; however, selecting a fluoride-free toothpaste can be beneficial to the environment and your health. If you want to enjoy a healthy mouth and fresh breath without harming the environment, reconsider your toothpaste.


Similar to toothpaste, toothbrushes are often selected without careful consideration. What you may not realize is that product production is a surprisingly sizable contributor to environmental damage. Because these oral care tools need to be replaced to ensure that you have a healthy mouth, you end up creating a significant amount of waste. If you want to reduce your waste production, consider opting for a more sustainable option, like those made of bamboo or food-grade recycled materials. This can be the perfect path toward a sparkling, healthy smile and reduced waste production.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a resource that runs through more quickly than many realize. While your family will still need toilet paper, you can swap out your traditional options for more environmentally friendly greener options. Whether you opt for bamboo toilet paper, recycled materials or choose to support companies who are committed to sustainability, don’t skip out on sustainability when you can switch out toilet paper products.


There is growing controversy over the ingredients in deodorant. Many antiperspirant deodorants block your pores and can even clog them without your knowledge. This can cause skin irritation, as well as environmental harm. By opting for natural deodorant alternatives, you can maintain your body’s healthy bacteria, neutralize it and reduce unpleasant odors. The benefit of natural deodorants also gives you the peace of mind that the ingredients will break down when washed away, as opposed to the synthetic ingredients that can cause environmental harm. Natural deodorants can help you smell sweet while living more sustainably.


Another commonly used product, that when washed away, adds harmful chemicals to water supplies is sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens not only can be harmful to your skin, but they can also contribute to lasting harm to the planet’s ecosystems. Because of their common usage, especially during warmer months, many people are unaware of their potential dangers. If you want to live a greener, more sustainable life, while protecting yourself from harmful sun rays, make sure that you swap out your old sunscreen for a safer option.

Greener Cleaning Products

As you think about the toxins you wash down the drain, you need to turn your attention to your cleaning products. While many traditional cleaning products leave your home sparkling clean, they can cause environmental harm. What you may realize is that your cleaning products may also be introducing volatile organic compounds into your home and these could be hurting your family. If you want to live a green and clean life, get rid of your traditional cleaning products and replace them with green cleaning alternatives. Trying these eco-friendly options may surprise you with their wonderous results. 

When it comes to living a greener life, there are plenty of ways that you can make a positive change; however, if you truly want to support the health and wellbeing of the planet, you need to commit to changing your product use. Instead of selecting products out of habit, challenge yourself to do some research. With a few internet searches, you can find cleaner, greener alternatives that leave you with a healthier and happier life and an improved planet.

Author: Finnegan Pierson

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