If only the ecosystem could talk! The civilization humans brought to the world is indeed a great thing, but the damage it is causing to the ecosystem human lifestyle is quite alarming. Reports show that the average lifespan of humans is 72.81 years, and that is for inculcating green living practices, which reduces the amount of carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases in the atmosphere. 

We all have heard about global warming, which is the change in climatic nature of planet Earth causing it to heat up; this is a result of unhealthy human lifestyles. Adopting green habits will enhance a healthy lifestyle and make the Earth a safer place for us all.

You still want to make more impact through your business; you still want to party hard like a rockstar? Here are the best green living practices that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

1. Use Eco-friendly Products

A dirty home is prone to germs and diseases hence the need to clean up the house and environment regularly. It is possible to have a clean house but be prone to ailments due to synthetic cleaning products. 

Synthetic cleaning products are cleaning agents harmful to humans when used around the house. Caustic cleaning agents are a perfect example of this, and not only do these synthetic agents damage your property slowly, they only evaporate after use and affect the quality of oxygen in the atmosphere.

 A simple solution is to opt for green cleaning products; you could also mix your products using items like lemon, baking soda, olive oil, and vinegar. This will not only save you money but improve the freshness of the air around your home. 

2. Be Wary Of Your Commute

Reports show that people who commute on a less busy road to work usually have a more productive day than those who commute on a busy road. What this means is that for every busy road, there is a higher percentage of carbon monoxide on such roads, which is unhealthy for commuters.

You can also be an advocate of green living by cycling to work on your motorized bike instead of taking your car. This will reduce the emission of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and lead to a greener ecosystem. 

3. Eat Fresh Food And Exercise Regularly

Plant-based food, also known as greens, is the best of all foods; they contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins you need. They help to aid the digestion of food and enhance your immune system. Do you still wonder why there are more vegetarians than flexitarians?

Aside from eating healthy foods, exercise plays an important role in the lifestyle of all humans. When you exercise regularly, you tend to be more active; exercise using a squat rack as one of the equipment will help you burn fat, and it has proven to be more efficient than taking a stroll.

 4. Cultivate A Garden

Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide while plants use the carbon dioxide to process their food and release oxygen into the atmosphere for humans to breath-in. This implies that humans have no chance of survival without plants, hence the need to plant more greens.

Cultivating a garden in your home is a great way to improve the air quality around your home. Aside from that, growing herbs and spices that can be used for therapeutic purposes is great for improving your healthy lifestyle.

5. Avoid Bottled Beverages

One of the bad habits that humans need to curb is the intake of artificial sugar; instead of taking processed bottled beverages, you can make fruit juice at home and serve chilled or opt for water to aid digestion.

High consumption of artificial sugar and colors is too harmful to be neglected. Also, plastics are not degradable, so microorganisms cannot break them down to improve the soil’s health. So, instead of littering the environment with beverage bottles, recycle them.

Create a Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is cost-effective; instead of investing in calcium supplements, you can opt for a walk under the sun in the morning; the gentle morning sun radiation activates the vitamin D in your body to help maintain calcium. However, avoid getting under the unfriendly sun as it poses a threat to your health.

You can’t go wrong with green practices; it increases your lifespan since a healthy lifestyle is synonymous with an increased lifespan.

Author: Bella Clarks 

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