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Human beings affect the environment in several ways; with the increase of this awareness, many environmental issues are getting attention. Now people are not only taking individual actions, but companies are also introducing eco-friendly strategies to minimize environmental impact. If you also work or manage coworking spaces, there are loads of reasons and benefits to make it eco-friendly and sustainable.

Your every step will not only cast a positive impact on your business, but it will also attract other members and investors. Coworking spaces act as hotspots for green ideas because they target the millennial demographic. This article is for you if you also want to make your coworking hub greener and more effective. Here we have highlighted the top seven tips to make your workplaces more climate-friendly.

1. Pick The Right Building

If you are planning to move your coworking hub into a new location, you need to find a building constructed on green building standards. These buildings are built from recycled construction materials that create minimal environmental impact.

2. Ensure Power Efficiency Products

Energy-efficient products not only make your coworking space eco-friendly but also save money for the long term. Besides installing energy-saving products, you also need to motivate the team members to put their electronic devices in power-saving mode when they are not in use and unplug them when they leave. Do not forget to take a complete round of office at the closing time to ensure nothing is left powered on.

Unnecessary lighting can drain a lot of power; hence, there is a need to ensure that no space is pointlessly lit. Using LED lights instead of regular light bulbs is a good idea as they have a longer life, use less power, and cut the energy cost. Using natural light is also an environment-friendly and health-friendly idea, so you should prefer an office space with more windows.

Solar power is the most promising and renewable strategy. Your coworking hub can switch from fossil fuels to sunlight via solar panels. You can also take subsidies from government programs if eligible. Otherwise, you can also ensure from service providers that all your electricity comes from sustainable sources.

3. Promote Recycling

Everyone knows the benefits and the use of recycling, so coworker spaces try to incentivize it. Ensure that recycling bins are close to lounges, workstations, and kitchens. So, when electronics appliances need replacing, you can put them away at proper recycling avenues.

4. Ditch Paper and Disposables – Adopt Usables

Though offices are digitized these days; still, piles of paper go to waste due to unnecessary printing. Encourage your customers to cloud services and ensure your coworking hub does not use a lot of trees.

Disposable plates and paper toilets also create a lot of waste; thus, it is preferable to use cloth towels that are washable at eco-friendly laundromats, silverware, and regular plates. 

5. Make Your Office Greener – Literally

If you do not have LEED Certified properties, you can install a green roof or green walls. These will not only make a coworking hub practically green but fascinating too. Keeping plants within the office premises filters harmful toxins and reminds others about plants’ importance. 

6. Contribute To Greener Commuting

If every worker uses personal cars for commutes, air pollution increases. To address this issue, you can promote alternative (fuel-efficient and non-polluting) means of transportation. Installing bike racks to encourage cycling is a great idea; you can also offer discounts for public transit tickets. Besides this, installing electric and car scooter charging stations is also an environmentally conscious idea.

7. Raise Awareness And Build A Network

There are plenty of ways to guide the customers and staff about environmental problems. Every little action to inform members about the importance of recycling can make a huge difference. Hosting seminars with environmental experts with green projects as a theme can help workers learn how to live and work greener.

Coworking spaces are where innovative minds meet, so developing relationships with companies and members with eco-friendly ideals is a helpful strategy. 

Our Summary

Humans can make and break the ecosystem; instead of damaging it, they need to take a quick initiative to slow down the effects of climate change. Adapting simple steps at home and corporate level can significantly create an eco-efficient environment.

Everybody needs to put an ultimate effort into building green spaces that will help preserve the environment where we live and reduce the overall cost.

Author: Bella Clarks 

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