Let’s talk pool water Solar now! Would you love to have a swimming pool in your backyard but step back every time you think of its impact on the environment? 

Pool maintenance, especially the use of chemicals like chlorine, raises environmental concerns in the minds of many eco-conscious homeowners. The good news is swimming pools can be eco-friendly. So, you can enjoy this cool element on your property without feeling guilty. 

Here are some tips for building an eco-friendly pool. 

Pool water Solar

Water neutral pools

Make your pool water-neutral by resorting to rainwater harvesting and water-saving techniques. Set up tanks to collect rainwater from topping up your pool and incorporate backwash-minimization systems to reduce the volume of water needed in pool maintenance. This way, you will cut costs by minimizing energy and water consumption and making a sustainable pool. 

Use solar power for heating

Significant energy expense goes into heating your pool. Replace traditional heating technologies with solar power to save on energy bills. According to experts, a 2-3KW of a solar panel is adequate to operate pool-heating accessories like the pump, filter, etc. Further, install a solar pool heater to heat your pool evenly. Advanced solar pool heaters have timers and temperature controls to ensure that the device is on only when needed. 

Cover your pool

Covering your pool water with a solar over can not only prevent leaves and debris from falling onto the pool water. However it can heat your pool   Moreover, it can also reduce water loss due to evaporation. Pool covers also help retain heat. Thereby providing insulation and reducing the formation of algae and harmful bacteria. So a solar pool cover does it more energy efficient.  You can also consider thermal covers with high thermal resistance to save on heating costs. 

Budget permitting, an automated over-pool roof that contracts or expands at the press of a button is a convenient option to cover your pool when not in use.  

Eco-friendly lighting for your pool

Opt for LED lighting to light up the pool instead of the power-guzzling halogen globes. These are not only energy-efficient but also last longer than conventional lighting and cut down on your energy bills. You can take a step further in sustainability by using renewable solar lights around your pool.

Reduce chemical usage for cleaning

Cleaning a pool is an environmental hazard as it takes loads of chemicals to eliminate the algae formations. Instead, installing a smart self-cleaning system that uses water circulation to clean the pool is an eco-friendly choice. These fully automated in-floor cleaning systems can reduce the maintenance cost besides limiting the use of chemicals. 

Build a natural swimming pool

Live your fantasy of swimming in a natural pool surrounded by greenery right in your backyard. Create one using all-natural gravel, stone, and clay, and filter the water by passing it through an aquatic plant-filled regeneration zone. The filtered water is then channeled back into the swimming area of the pool. No harsh chemicals are required to clean the pool, and you contribute to the environment by fostering a unique bio-diversity in the area. 

With these sustainable tips, make the right pool choice with the best pool builder Sydney has to offer and enjoy all the benefits of a backyard water refuge.

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