Modern housing has its pros and cons. One of the major cons is that modern housing systems consume a lot of energy. The higher the energy consumption, the higher the cost covered. Everyone tries their best to save money where it is possible. Conservative use of energy can save you a lot of money. Experts show that a typical household can save up to 24% on utility bills with energy-saving techniques, totaling over $2200 annually.

There are five main ways to save significant money spent on energy costs. They include the following:

Use of Solar Energy

Studies have concluded that installing a solar panel in your home saves you money on energy costs. Also, having standing seam metal helps cut down on cooling costs. A typical household spends around $1450 annually on electricity which is approximately $14,500 in a decade. The cost of installing a solar panel is about $1300, but it depends on the number of solar panels you need for your housing needs. Installing a solar panel will save you significant money because you don’t have to pay the monthly bill like electricity. The main reasons why you should install a solar panel are:

Conservative Use of Electrical Appliances

Studies show that turning off lights when they are not in use could save you a lot of energy being consumed. For instance, two 100-watt bulbs turned off for an extra three hours every day could save your pockets up to $15 a year. Taking short showers also falls under this category. Water heaters consume a lot of energy. Statistics prove that if two people in a household decrease the time they take to shower time by 1 minute each, you could save over $30 a year.

Using a microwave instead of an oven will also save you money. Conservative use of a refrigerator should also be emphasized through upgrading to an energy-saving model, keeping the door closed to conserve the already cooled air, not putting hot food in the refrigerator, etc. These methods will help you save up to a total of $100 annually.

Use of Energy Saving Appliances

With the rise in energy prices, there is a wide range of energy-saving electrical appliances on the market. For instance,energy-saving bulbs consume half the energy consumed by a regular bulb. Energy-saving refrigerators, water heating systems, and modern televisions, which have more efficient systems that do not require a lot of energy, are the way forward.

Apply Other Methods of Washing and Drying Clothes and Dishes

First, you should try washing your laundry in cold water, which will save on the water heating energy. Statistics prove that this can save you up to $22 per year. It would help if you also considered drying your laundry out in the sunshine instead of using a dryer. Dryers are a significant consumer of power consumption in homes this would save you up to $65 annually. If you want to use the dryer, you should dry full loads of laundry instead of smaller portions.

Dishwashers are also power-consuming. Try to wash them in the sink and dry them with a towel or avoid using the dry heat setting when using a dishwasher. This would save you up to $27 annually. These methods will help you to save up to a total of $114 annually.

Adequate Ventilation

Adequate ventilation in a house is a verified method for saving energy, saving money spent on fuel. With more open windows and proper ventilation, you will reduce the number of fans running, saving on the energy consumed. This finally translates to cheaper electricity bills. Statistics prove that adequate ventilation and reducing fans could save you over 50 dollars annually.


It is essential that you save money, and one significant way to save money is to reduce money spent on energy. Saving money allows you to have greater security in your life. The methods stated are convenient and flexible to accommodate your electricity consumption needs and save your money simultaneously. Take the initiative and employ power-saving techniques.

Author: Sheryl Wright

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