Spotting carpenter ants crawling across the kitchen floor or anywhere in the house can be frightening for you as a homeowner. Especially if you are frequently looking for ways to get rid of the giant pest ants when they gather during spring and early summer. If you are wondering how to get rid of carpenter ants, keep reading! It’s necessary to keep them from becoming a bigger problem.

What’s a carpenter ant?

Carpenter ants are named after their nest construction, in which they dig wood and produce smooth tunnels within it. Note that they do not consume wood; instead, they tunnel and chew through it to build nests.

Carpenter ants are found throughout the United States as they construct their nests in wood, so they are frequently seen in and near homes. However, such pests can turn out to be a nuisance for homeowners. They damage houses, fences, sheds, and decks and even contaminate food and water supplies.

How To Detect Carpenter Ants Infestation?

You can find out the infestation through the following signs::

Tips to Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

If you’re having problems with carpenter ants, here are some easy and quick steps you can do to protect your home from such pests.

Find out the nest

You’ll need to attract the ants out with food and then follow them back to locate the nest. Place minimal amounts of honeydew or a sweet fruit close to where you suspect the nest. Now, follow the ants back to the nest when they take the bait. 

They’ll most likely crawl through a crack in the wall, a cupboard, or a door. Continue to keep an eye out until you’ve determined the nest’s location. If the nest is buried and difficult to approach, you should use poisonous bait to kill the ants. It may take up to three days to take effect.

Destroy nest with direct dusting

This approach is successful when you can easily reach the nest and spray carpenter ant dust straight onto the queen and the entire colony. You can use Diatomaceous, nontoxic natural dust that can be used to eliminate carpenter ants. This dust will not introduce chemicals to your home and is environmentally friendly.

Alternatively, you can use Delta Dust and Drione Pesticide as they can also be effective. However, you should note that they contain toxins and may endanger the health of pets and children.

Make use of a boric acid bait

Boric acid may be purchased from a garden supply store. Add a ratio of around 1/3 sugar to 2/3 boric acid, and combine with powdered sugar. Fill a bottle halfway with this mixture and use it to set up a perimeter around the area in your garden where you observe the ants.

Carpenter ants tend to cause damage to your garden. Once they’re gone, you can start improving your garden and the outdoor space for better living conditions.

Opt for Pest control

Hiring a professional pest control agency to manage a chemical remedy may be the most dependable way to eliminate a carpenter ant infestation before more property damage occurs. Professional pest control companies will apply a chemical barrier around your property. You can opt for child & pet-friendly treatments.

Three Easy Ways To Prevent Carpenter Ants 

Here are some tried and tested methods to keep carpenter ants from coming into your home:

Reduce nesting possibilities 

Clear the yard of fallen limbs, remove rotten tree stumps, and clip dead branches from trees. Keep large branches away from the roof of your home. Water-damaged timber on structures must be repaired, and firewood or lumber should be stored away from structures.

Seal up your home

Caulk should be used to cover cracks near doors, windows, or any locations where ants may enter. Fit screens to your doors and windows.

Take away all food supply

If you take measures to repel garden pests such as honeydew-producing bugs, the development of a carpenter ant colony can also be prevented. 


When carpenter ants choose a home to build a nest, they can cause severe structural damage. So, if you suspect a carpenter ant infestation, get rid of it at the earliest by considering all the pointers mentioned earlier.

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