Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm has safely produced renewable energy since 2007

Union, Oregon, May 12, 2022 – EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA), a leading renewable energy developer and operator in North America, celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm in Union County, Oregon. The 100-megawatt (MW) wind farm represents an estimated capital investment of $221 million. Annually it generates enough energy to power more than 28,000 average Oregon homes. Elkhorn Valley also provides significant economic and environmental benefits to Union County and Oregon and contributes to the state’s renewable portfolio standard, which calls for renewable energy to be 50 percent of the electricity source that Oregonians use by 2040.

The Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm

Elkhorn Valley hired 100 people to construct the wind farm. Currently, it has nine team members working on-site, dedicated to the operations and ongoing, regular maintenance of the project. The wind farm has contributed an estimated $16.6 million in local spending, directly supporting neighboring businesses. Moreover, Elkhorn Valley has disbursed more than $9 million to local landowners. Specifically, those who lease their land to the project and have paid more than $5.3 million to local governments. Their payments are enhancing area schools, roads, infrastructure, and other essential services. In addition, Elkhorn Valley also saves more than 178 million gallons of water each year. That is the amount of water needed by conventional generation sources. Moreover, that’s to produce the same amount of capacity as the wind farm.

A message from Scott Cloutier, Senior Operations Manager

“Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm values the relationships we have with the Union County residents. And we look forward to being a contributing community member for another 15 years and beyond,” said Scott Cloutier, Senior Operations Manager – Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm. “On this 15th-anniversary celebration, EDP Renewables reaffirms our partnership. That’s with the people of Union County and shares our commitment to additional renewable energy development in Oregon.”

EDPR NA is a renewable energy leader in Oregon, with 300 MW of operating wind energy capacity in the state as well as a regional office in Portland that employs 17 team members. In addition to the valley, the company’s Oregon footprint includes the Rattlesnake Road Wind Farm and the Wheat Field Wind Farm, both in Gillam County. In total, EDPR NA’s three wind farms represent an estimated capital investment of $659 million.