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Belfast-based brand American Madness has unveiled a collection of upcycled Patagonia fleeces. This is in celebration of the brand’s sustainability heritage. The limited-edition pieces come from deadstock, vintage, and damaged Patagonia fleeces. These pieces are a blend of unique design notes and vintage Patagonia’s material. The collection represents a way to create something entirely new out of pre-existing material.

Upcycled Patagonia fleece

American Madness spent the past 6 months sourcing the fleeces that would eventually be crafted into each piece. Founder, Jon-Joe Rogers, discussed the process involved in upcycling the fleeces. “Every single piece is a one-off and features unique details from the material’s previous life. With only 75 made no two are ever the same, which I think makes it really exciting for customers.”

The collection follows on from American Madness’ popular Re-Worked Carhartt Jacket series and the brand shows no signs of slowing down. “We are very passionate about finding new ways of using used material, there’s a huge amount of textile waste out there and it’s time we start to face this head-on.” The collection will be available for purchase on American Madness’ website from May 15th.


The article on the upcycled Patagonia fleece collection highlights the company’s efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Especially in the fashion industry. By using recycled materials, Patagonia is able to create new products while minimizing their environmental impact. This collection is just one example of Patagonia’s commitment to sustainability. All which includes initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advocating for environmental policies. By supporting companies like Patagonia, consumers can help create a more sustainable future.

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