Belfast-based brand American Madness has unveiled a collection of upcycled Patagonia fleeces. This is in celebration of the brand’s sustainability heritage. The limited-edition pieces come from deadstock, vintage, and damaged Patagonia fleeces. These pieces are a blend of American Madness’ unique design notes and vintage Patagonia’s material. The collection represents a way to create something entirely new out of pre-existing material.

Upcycled Patagonia fleece

American Madness spent the past 6 months sourcing the fleeces that would eventually be crafted into each piece. Founder, Jon-Joe Rogers, discussed the process involved in upcycling the fleeces. “Every single piece is a one-off and features unique details from the material’s previous life. With only 75 made no two are ever the same, which I think makes it really exciting for customers.”

The collection follows on from American Madness’ popular Re-Worked Carhartt Jacket series and the brand shows no signs of slowing down. “We are very passionate about finding new ways of using used material, there’s a huge amount of textile waste out there and it’s time we start to face this head-on.” The collection will be available for purchase on American Madness’ website from May 15th.