DHL is the UK’s largest logistics company. Today the company announces it has begun operating the first purpose-built fully electric 16-tonne vehicle in the UK. The Volvo FL Electric 4×2 rigid is now part of DHL Logistics and Supply Chain’s fleet in London. Moreover, making last-mile deliveries into the West End shopping district.

The vehicle is powered by four 200 kWh batteries which can run for 120 miles. Not to mention, carrying a maximum of 12 pallets and weighing up to 6 tonnes.

DHL logistics electric

It will recharge overnight at DHL’s logistics base in Purfleet for daily operations in the city center. As a zero-emission vehicle, it will not contribute any carbon or harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It will also be 3-star compliant with the London Direct Vision Standard. Moreover, having great all-round visibility and supporting the safety of all London’s road users.

The investment in industry-leading vehicles reflects DHL’s commitment. That’s to ensure its fleet is best in class and offers the highest possible levels of service to its supply chain customers. In addition to reflecting DHL’s own ambitious Go Green agenda.

Ian Clough, Managing Director, Network Logistics and Transport, UK & Ireland, DHL Supply Chain said:

“As the market leader in contract DHL logistics. Also, part of the world’s largest logistics group; DHL, we have a responsibility. Especially to reach for ambitious sustainability targets. So as we deliver best-in-class solutions for our customers, we are very proud and excited. Especially that our investment in the UK’s first operational fully-electric large commercial vehicle is just another example of how we are doing that.

“The Volvo FL Electric is the perfect solution to the challenges of urban logistics, allowing us to make deliveries in densely populated inner-city locations where air quality and noise pollution challenges are highest.”

Christian Coolsaet, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, said: “Operating a Volvo FL Electric, particularly where it can be charged with electricity from renewable sources. For it is a powerful step towards more sustainable city distribution. We are confident this new addition to DHL’s fleet will help to improve air quality and reduce traffic noise. In addition and since it produces no tailpipe exhaust emissions. So it is perfect for operation within London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.”

According to research on behalf of DHL logistics among transport decision-makers throughout Europe. That’s with ground transportation is moving away from its traditional role. That’s as a commodity towards becoming a business differentiator; 71% believe it is a strategic component of their business, and 75% agree that investment in this area will directly support growth. As a result, DHL logisticsis investing in areas that matter most to customers and society at large.

Source: Volvo Trucks

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