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Frankfurt, Germany: Genesis Motor Europe announces today its Genesis Charging program, an exclusive service that provides customers with the option of a hassle-free electric charging solution.

Shell Recharge Solutions, is a leader in smart electric vehicle charging solutions. It provides the full charging ecosystem of solutions to Genesis, such as the backbone for the charging app, and the hardware for the charge points. Genesis Charging is further evidence of the brand’s commitment to delivering a sustainable and fully connected premium electric experience.

In partnership with Shell Recharge Solutions, Genesis Charging gives customers easy access to over 300,000 public charging points in more than 35 European countries. Moreover, simplicity is key, with just a single app needed for quick and straightforward charging at all these locations. Included in the package is a unique 5-year IONITY subscription, providing subsidized charging rates when using the IONITY network of 350kW ultra-fast chargers.

Moreover, Melanie Lane, CEO of Shell Recharge Solutions Europe said: “We’re excited to support Genesis Motor Europe in their ambitions across the European market and as they continue to grow, we will guide their drivers on their e-mobility journey, supporting their charging needs at home and on the go, driving a low carbon future together.”

Genesis Charging Approach

This holistic approach extends to a stress-free payment method, with a single bill provided for all charging sessions, while a dedicated customer service team is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to provide emergency customer support. The charging app is a co-branded Genesis and Shell Recharge app, which also allows owners to instantly access charging tariffs and track charging sessions, as well as quickly find the nearest available charge point with the option to plot a route to its location.

Genesis Charging also extends to home charging. That means the availability of an all-inclusive home charging package that features a fully installed smart charge point and customer support. In addition, the charge point comes with a complete suite of services. From installation to online connected services, that enable additional features for payment functionalities and data insights. Moreover, the Genesis-branded Shell Recharge advanced charger is a fully connected unit, allowing owners to easily track and program their home charging sessions using the same Genesis Charging app.

Dominique Boesch, Managing Director for Genesis Motor Europe says:

“We chose to partner with Shell Recharge Solutions to provide our customers with access to an extensive network across Europe. What’s more, Shell Recharge Solutions has a customer focus similar to our own, committing to overcoming barriers to electric car adoption and providing customers with a seamless experience, including full network access using one app and charge card.

“Genesis customers will have a fully integrated and effortless electric driving experience. Additionally, Genesis will launch three electric cars in 2022 and we look forward to developing our partnership with Shell Recharge Solutions throughout this exciting year, and beyond, to provide our customers with a charging solution that meets their lifestyles. Moreover, using a straightforward app and a single billing process that helps streamline the whole charging process, Genesis Charging reinforces our commitment to ensuring that Genesis customers are able to enjoy their biggest luxury of all, time.”


Genesis Motor Europe and Shell Recharge Solutions will collaborate on a number of innovations. Moreover, they are delivering a more user-friendly charging experience for electric vehicle drivers. For instance, integrated features in the Genesis infotainment system that support the search of charge points in the Shell Recharge public roaming network.

In addition, Genesis Charging will be available from June 2022. Customers of GV60 and Electrified G80 are able to view the offer details as part of the configuration process. That helps make its integration as seamless and straightforward as possible. With flexibility at its core, owners will also be able to use the charge points of other charge point operators (CPOs). Therefore, the partnership between Genesis Motor Europe and Shell Recharge Solutions is part of a wider memorandum of understanding between Shell and Hyundai Motor Company.

To make the lives of electric car owners easier, Genesis aims to bring innovation. For instance, the implementation of Plug and Charge in its vehicles.

Following the launch of the GV60, Genesis will launch a further two all-electric models this year. Moreover, from 2025, all-new Genesis vehicles will be pure electric. Genesis will also establish itself as a 100% zero-emission brand by 2030. In addition, Genesis will continue to innovate in the pursuit of carbon net-zero by 2035.

In addition to offering Ionity subscription to customers without charge for 5 years, Genesis customers benefit from best in the market charging rates at Ionity:

Country of Charging Station Location Rate (incl. local VAT)
Netherlands 0,26 EUR/kWh
Belgium 0,26 EUR/kWh
Luxembourg n/a
Germany 0,25 EUR/kWh
Austria 0,26 EUR/kWh
Switzerland 0,27 CHF/kWh
France 0,26 EUR/kWh
United Kingdom 0,24 GBP/kWh
Ireland 0,26 EUR/kWh
Norway 2,75 NOK/kWh
Sweden 2,88 SEK/kWh
Denmark 2,00 DKK/kWh
Finland 0,27 EUR/Minute
Spain 0,26 EUR/kWh
Italy 0,26 EUR/kWh
Croatia 2,50 HRK/kWh
Slovenia 0,26 EUR/kWh
Czech Republic 7,26 CZK/kWh
Slovakia 0,26 EUR/kWh
Poland 1,05 PLN/kWh
Liechtenstein n/a
Latvia 0,26 EUR/kWh
Lithuania 0,26 EUR/kWh
Estonia 0,26 EUR/kWh
Hungary 95,25 HUF/kWh
Romania n/a
Portugal 0,07 EUR/kWh
Monaco n/a
Greece n/a

In addition, it is important to note, that the price table is only for the IONITY charging network. Moreover, for all other charge point operators, the prices as advertised on the Shell website apply.

Source: Genesis News Europe

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