Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany and the capital of Bavaria, so naturally, you can expect to have a blast on your trip. This city is lively, exciting and also very friendly to tourists and all people of an open mind. And since today traveling with eco-friendliness in mind is the new norm, here’s how you can explore and enjoy Munich and keep your trip green and sustainable.

Rent a bike

One of the biggest pride points of the city of Munich is its excellent transport. First of all, the city is perfectly suitable for walking, and you can get almost anywhere in the city center in 20 or fewer minutes. For longer journeys, public transport will be your best friend. Another recommendation is to rent a bike and enjoy a relaxing ride thanks to miles and miles of well-designed bike paths. According to locals and bike enthusiasts, you must ride along the Isar and into the English Garden.

Drink responsibly

Munich is world-famous for its amazing beer and extensive beer-drinking culture. There are many festivals dedicated to this drink, as well as countless pubs and beer gardens where the golden liquid flows like water. Naturally, to get the ultimate Munich experience, you simply hate to visit these watering holes and enjoy some German beer, however, do so responsibly. Most beer gardens work on a “pfand” system, which means you will get your beer served in durable, high-quality beer steins. To ensure the return of this glass, you pay for a pfand token you can return after you finish your drink and get your money back. This minimizes plastic cup use and unnecessary waste while making the city look more beautiful.

Explore the area with a group

If you’re going to explore Munich’s surroundings, as you definitely should, it’s the best idea to join a group and do it in shared transportation. When researching the best day trips from Munich, opt for larger groups where you can all carpool and reduce pollution. For instance, you can visit Rothenburg and Harburg or conquer Zugspitze, the country’s tallest mountain all by getting on a comfortable tour bus and enjoying the ride. Shared transportation wastes a lot less energy and produces less pollution than individual tours you can take by renting a car or paying for a taxi.

Buy local

When shopping in Munich, look for ‘Kauf Lokal’ signs (literally meaning ‘buy local’) and get the best products from local manufacturers. This way, you’ll get all the best handmade and artisanal products from small business owners and support their efforts. When buying local, you directly help people while reducing waste and pollution caused by import, shipping and transport of foreign goods. In May, there’s a Kauf Lokal expo where you can find all local brands in one place.

Hit the parks

When you think of Munich, you might be envisioning huge pints of beer and traditional lederhosen, however, this city also knows how to enjoy nature in style. Whenever you see a park in Munich, don’t hesitate to take an hour to soak up the greenery and relax in nature. And if you only have time for one park tour, choose the English Garden. This is one of the largest parks in the world, stretching from the city center all the way to its limits in the northeast. Designed to look like 18th century British parks, this green patch now also holds various more exotic elements like teahouses, pagodas, temples and pavilions. Find a nice spot for a picnic and have a relaxing afternoon walking or biking around the park.  

Learn in Munich Botanic Garden

If you’re looking for some extra inspiration to become an even greener traveler, the Munich Botanic Garden will be just the thing you need. With more than 14,000 plant species across 11 rooms with different climates of the world, you’ll get to learn all about cacti, succulents, cycads, ferns and various flowers. And the ornamental yard outside and a busy (and buzzy) insect pavilion…together they will show you the best of flora and microfauna and awaken an even stronger need to preserve our beautiful planet and its riches.

There you have it, these are just some of the green things in Munich you can pay attention to. This city has a ton of attractions that don’t harm the planet, so as long as you know about certain tricks to keep your trip green, we’ll all enjoy Munich much more. 

Author: Diana Smith

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