Air purifiers are the need of this hour. What? Don’t you believe me? Well, we will be on the same page by the end of this article.

Why Do We Need Air Purifiers?

Air purifier

As most people spend around 80%-90% of their time indoors, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become an essential area of concern for the well-being of people. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, Indoor Air Pollution(IAP) is responsible for 3.8 million deaths yearly. This has resulted in a major shift of focus in research from outdoor pollution to indoor pollution.

The primary sources of indoor air pollution in India are such as cooking, smoking, the use of electrical appliances, emissions from building materials, and the use of biomass and coal for cooking. This results in poor health for women and children as they tend to spend most of the time indoors exposed to cooking and paint fumes. For a detailed read, visit Here.

People are exposed to harmful pollutants like Carbon Monoxide (CO), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Particulate matter (PM 2.5), aerosols, biological pollutants, and others. The list of diseases caused by indoor air pollutants goes as – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), tuberculosis, low birth rate, asthma, lung cancer, cancer of the Larynx and Nasopharynx, and many other respiratory and severe eye diseases.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Different air purifiers use various technologies to ensure the best air quality and absolute air security. In addition to removing the above-mentioned air pollutants, it gets rid of pollens, dust, allergens, and pet hair, and even some advanced ones help in absorbing any kind of unpleasant odor from varnishings and paints. Keeping you and your family at bay from diseases and giving your home a fresh and healthy environment.

While buying an air purifier for your home, you should keep in mind some of the following things: 

Which type of air purifier suits you the best?

Air Purifiers with HEPA filtration

  1. It uses a dense paper filter that blocks air-borne contaminants to ensure high-quality air purification.
  2. It eliminates particles down to 0.3 microns in size.
  3. True HEPA filter technology helps in the 100% elimination of allergens.
  4. It is best for asthma patients and people suffering from different respiratory diseases.
  5. It does not help in eliminating unpleasant odors.
  6. HEPA filters can be expensive to maintain.

Below are three different types of air purifiers based on their filtration type as well as their requirements and use.

Cabon filtration

  1. It uses an activated carbon filter with millions of pores and a huge surface area to absorb odors, gases, and fumes.
  2. Its filters are inexpensive to replace.
  3. It is best suited for people living in industrial areas as it helps neutralize the room’s odor.
  4. Carbon filters require replacement more frequently than any other kind of purifier.

Ionic filtration

  1. IT emits a cloud of charged ions that forces impurities to fall on the ground.
  2. It can eliminate particles down to 0.01 microns.
  3. There is no need to replace filters.
  4. Affordable prices when compared to HEPA filters.
  5. It removes pet hair, mold, the tiniest of dust particles, and smoke.

UV filtration

  1. It emits intense ultraviolet rays to attack the pollutants.
  2. It claims to remove airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores.
  3.  It maintains a healthy and sterilized environment.
  4. It is generally used in hospitals, schools, and labs.

Key features to look for in an air purifier

  • ACH(Air Change rate per hour)

It indicates the number of times an air purifier filters the entire room’s air in an hour. The more filtration, the cleaner the air.

  • CADR(Clean Air Delivery Rate)

CADR indicates the rating of purified air in the room when an air purifier is run at its highest capacity. It indicates the efficiency of an air purifier in cleaning and removing contaminants like dust, smoke, and pollen.

Does the size matter?

Yes. When looking for Air Safety and air security for your family, it’s always good to check what size of air purifier best suits your house. Moreover, always choose an air purifier that can work efficiently in a space 20-40% bigger than your room.

What should you do now?

I am sure after going through the article, you are now well informed about how a good air purifier should be? But are you confused too? Where to look for an air purifier with all the features that best fit your home too?

Let me help you with this. After investigating the whole internet, I found the best air purifier available in the market for you. Tenshield by Freshcraft

Tenshield is the most intelligent air security device that works on ionic filtration technology, which is the best in the market as it is capable of eliminating particles down to 0.01 microns. Moreover, tenshield releases many negative ions, which are particularly good at removing pollens, mold spores, pet dander, and cigarette smoke. The negative ions give you the experience of the natural environment. It is like sitting on a beach or a mountain with a cup of coffee.

Air purifier tenshield

Some key features of Tenshield that I liked the most are:

  1. It not only eliminates dust particles, microbes, molds, and fungus but also removes bad odors and pungent smells.
  2. It focuses on removing PM 2.5, PM 10, and VOCs.
  3. It’s filterless thus, cost-effective. There is no need to change the filter now and then.
  4. It comes in four variants:
  5. Tenshield Atom– It is the best fit for bedrooms and drawing rooms as it is portable and covers an area of up to 3000 cubic feet.
  6. Tenshield Atom Spot– It is a modified version of the Tenshield atom. You can operate it through an app.
  7. Tenshield Go– As the name suggests, it is an air security device specially curated for your cars.
  8. Tenshield Sky It works well as an office air purifier and hospital air purifier as it covers 10,000 cubic feet.

My personal favorite is the Tenshield atom as I like to spend most of the time in my home. Its sleek design has a perfect place on my study table. Like me, you can buy your personal Tenshield here. So, which one will you choose?

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