Air pollution is a major problem. That’s in many parts of the world. Most especially in densely populated areas. It can also lead to various health problems as well as contribute to climate change.

Indoor air pollution is a specific type of air pollution. One that occurs in buildings with poor ventilation and air pollution control systems. The air pollution that also occurs indoors is not only bad for your health. However, it can also can lead to higher rates of respiratory illnesses among children. I mean so that can also decrease your productivity at work.

Simple Steps

The good news is that you can do a lot to reduce your indoor air pollution by following a few simple rules. Indoor air pollution is a significant global problem and indoor air quality (IAQ) is a major health concern among children.


If you have asthma or other respiratory illnesses, you are at an increased risk for developing new respiratory symptoms or worsening existing respiratory disorders.

Air Pollutants

The air pollutants that enter our homes originate from outside and the primary sources are across the road or downwind from where people live. Pollutants come in many forms, including dust, dirt, mold, smoke, and fumes from car exhaust and gas appliances. Some of these pollutants make it into your home via cracks in walls and windows, vents, or through doors and walls. When they make their way indoors, they build up in various parts of the home, including in heating and air conditioning ducts, furniture, and in carpets and rugs. The air inside your home is significantly less healthy than the air outside because a number of

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Air Pollution

So this infographic is about the health issues related to indoor air pollution as well as what families can do to protect themselves.

There really needs to be much more exposure on the subject.  Bottom line household air pollution causes many deaths every single year. In 2012 alone household air pollution made up 7.7% of global mortalities. 

Indoor Air Pollution Infographic
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