In 2022 the world is finally waking up to the fact that our car, home with energy consumption hurts the planet if we don’t do something about it. For our home is on the verge of irreversible ecological damage due to home construction with energy use. Many countries are experiencing extreme heatwaves this summer, and, in the UK, the temperature rose above 40 degrees Celsius for the first time in recorded history. Climate change and global warming are no longer things of science fiction, and we are beginning to live in a time when its effects can be felt. If change does not happen on an international scale, then we can expect rising sea levels, increasingly extreme weather patterns, and the very real risk of droughts, crop failures, and flooding affecting millions of the world’s populations. Today, many people want to make a difference at an individual level in how they impact our planet. This article explains three key ways in which we can lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Choose an Eco-Vehicle

Today, many car manufacturers are acutely aware of the threat posed to our home by burning fossil fuels energy to run our vehicles. Moreover, we also have the growing consumer demand for more eco-friendly cars. As such, there is now a range of purely electric or hybrid car models available on the market. Examples include the fully electric Nissan Leaf, which is a perfect choice for an eco-friendly family car. For this car has a range of 239 miles before needing to be recharged.

This can make it suitable for both the daily commute and weekend shopping trips. If you want to use a car on longer journeys, it may be wise to opt for a hybrid car, which uses a mix of conventional fuel and electricity to run. When deciding on an eco-friendly car and searching for the best car insurance deal, it is wise to note that your premiums may be higher because some electric or hybrid parts are rarer and more expensive than in conventional petrol or diesel engine cars. Make sure to factor these costs into your overall budget for your next vehicle. 

Improve Your Home Energy Insulation

A significant proportion of home energy costs go to heating your home. In the winter months, this can for a significant part of the family’s household bills. However, some installments can significantly slash your energy bill. For instance, installing modern double-glazing windows, upgrading the boiler to a more energy-efficient version, and adding cavity wall insulation

This is great news for household finances and can also help to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel consumption. Making these types of home improvements on a large scale nationally is important. They can make a significant contribution to the reduction in greenhouse gas production for energy needs. 

Consider Solar Panels for your home energy use

Installing solar panels on the roof of your home can help to reduce reliance on conventional non-renewable sources of energy. Moreover, by generating green and renewable energy sources. In hotter countries, this can result in significant fuel savings. Not to mention may open the possibility of being able to sell off any excess electricity back to the grid.

In short, solar panels can be an attractive option, depending on your location. They are also a great way to produce your own renewable energy. See here for more information on installing solar panels at home.

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