While Musk and Bezos Plan Their Escape to Mars, Meet the Woman CEO Creating Smart Solar Cities to Enhance Life on Earth.

Lillian Wang Envisions a Brighter Future through Harnessing the Power of Light®.

Austin, Texas (August 2022)  The most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues a terrifying warning that “without immediate and deep emissions reductions across all sectors, limiting global warming to 1.5°C is beyond reach.”[1] The committee warns that anything above a 1.5°C warming will lead to disastrous impacts such as extreme drought, decreased crop yields, and ocean acidification.[2] The IPCC points to solar power and other renewable energy as one of the solutions to avoid these consequences. Lillian Wang, Founder, and CEO of FLEXSOLAR, is doing her part to create a more sustainable life on planet Earth by envisioning the first Smart Solar City™.

Wang’s Smart Solar City™ concept harnesses the power of the sun to power everything within a city, integrating solar technology into everyday building materials, such as windows, walls, streetlights, structural beams, rooftops, and curtains. In a FlexSolar Smart Solar City™, essentially any surface that sunlight touches will be able to generate electricity to the power grid, decentralizing energy sources and giving every citizen access to power.

Understanding the global need for renewable energy, Wang began her work in solar 13 years ago. That’s when her family built a solar manufacturing facility in China. Today, FLEXSOLAR’s Headquarters is in Austin, Texas. Their factory is positioned for scale to meet the ever-growing renewable energy needs of cities across the world. The FLEXSOLAR manufacturing facility produces popular energy solutions for outdoor recreationists, such as their line of foldable solar panels, while researching and developing new Smart Solar City™  products.

Wang’s Mission for a Smart Solar City

FLEXSOLAR’s Smart Solar City™ solutions will create a livable planet amidst an ever-growing climate crisis. “Earth is our home,” says Wang, “rather than looking out into the universe for a new planet, it is my mission to make our planet a better place to live by helping to create the shift to solar energy. Smart Solar City™ will help curb the emissions that are killing our planet. It will also give every person on earth equal access to clean power. To me, solar energy is unbiased and available to all. Our plan is to harness the Power of Light®.”

Prior to building FLEXSOLAR, Wang was a systems analyst. She acknowledges the challenges of building a visionary business as a woman. However, she believes her feminine perspective helps inform her immense mission. Early on, she turned her focus toward raising her children and shifted her energy to her career later. With that decision came a deep understanding of the need to build a more sustainable planet for future generations.

FLEXSOLAR’s Smart Solar City™  concepts are currently being demonstrated in projects around the world using their solar rooftops, walls, and line of smart solar lights that are currently in production and available to order worldwide. Wang hopes to connect with distributors and developers who share a similar vision as the Smart Solar City™  to fast-track the concept into reality.

The vision and components of a Smart Solar City™ are still in their infancy. However, FLEXSOLAR offers many on-the-go solar-powered solutions. They harness solar energy power to bring light to all corners of the world. Products such as the portable 40W Type-C & DC Solar Charger, 120W Foldable Solar Panel Kit paired with their 1000W Power Station, the 200W Briefcase Battery Charging System, and 320W solar kit for RVs and Vans are already favorites amongst outdoors enthusiasts who are looking for an ecosystem of power solutions and are an environmentally safe alternative to gasoline and propane generators.

Launching FLEXSOLAR®

The first Smart Solar City™ support product to launch is the FLEXSOLAR® Clover Bionic Model. Equipped with distributed photovoltaic power generation, smart landscape lighting, and an off-grid self-powered system, this apparatus can support video surveillance. That’s in addition to information release, public broadcasting, and weather environment monitoring. All while integrating into functions such as traffic law enforcement and traffic control. FLEXSOLAR’s photovoltaic walls and roof development are intended to make the power of the sun available to all.

Thanks to Lillian Wang, FLEXSOLAR makes the future of living here on Earth brighter and easier than escaping to Mars.

Visit flexsolarenergy.com to search their entire ecosystem of solar-powered solutions.

Source: Press release via email

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