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Let’s go bZ4X Toyota

As a leader in electrification, Toyota’s drive with introduction of bZ4X represents the first of a global series of battery-electric vehicles to be introduced under the global “Toyota bZ” brand umbrella. Once the rubber hits the road, bZ4X will have a manufacturer-estimated range of up to 250 miles for XLE front-wheel drive models.

Toyota’s drive and approach to carbon neutrality is “practical and sustainable.” Thereby aiming to reduce CO2. That’s with products that are easy to use and highly appealing.

Coming to dealerships this spring with an EPA-estimated range rating of up to 252 miles (for XLE front-wheel drive models, based on EPA’s testing procedure standards). So the 2023 Toyota bZ4X will have a starting MSRP of $42,000. According to the EPA, the average estimated fuel cost savings over five years for the 2023 bZ4X XLE FWD. That’s compared to the average new vehicle is up to $5,000. It’s also being used as a platform for Subaru.

Going Beyond with Toyota bZ4X

bZ4X is the first Toyota vehicle to be launched under the global bZ series, with more bZ vehicles on the horizon intending to elevate the BEV segment for years to come. “bZ,” which stands for “Beyond Zero”. One which was developed with human-centricity at the heart. I am meaning it hopes to provide more than a mobility solution. Yet also an innovative space for customers.

  1. The TOYOTA bZ series adopts a BEV-dedicated platform. One that also aims for a value greater than zero (“beyond Zero”).
  2. The bZ4X also has the excitement of an SUV-style BEV, driving appeal. Also and is the first model of the Toyota’s bZ series.
  3. One which emphasizes safety and peace. Also peace of mind. It will also be launched worldwide in the middle of 2022.
oyota has announced the details of bZ4X. That's its all-new model BEV*1. Toyota's Approach to Carbon Neutrality is "Practical and Sustainable"
Toyota has announced the details of bZ4X. That’s its all-new model BEV*1. Toyota’s Approach to Carbon Neutrality is “Practical and Sustainable”

Toyota is promoting the deployment of BEVs in its full lineup, starting with the bZ4X.

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) is striving to resolve various issues to realize a sustainable society. All with the aim of passing down this beautiful Earth, our home planet. All to future generations. We leverage strengths fostered through manufacturing. Also producing technological innovation in application to CASE to expand the potential of cars. Thereby striving to provide services that provide freedom of mobility to all. Especially in an effort to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

In particular, reduction of CO2 emissions is an urgent challenge on a global scale. Moreover and also Toyota is tackling initiatives towards achieving carbon neutrality (CN) by 2050. It is also significant that the popularization of eco-friendly vehicles will contribute to reductions in CO2.

The new BEV series, Toyota bZ. For it is also based on sustainability. They aim to gain acceptance from many customers in regions with great demand for BEVs. Also they have a plentiful supply of electricity from renewable energy. That’s for example in China, the U.S., Europe. Also Japan, of course and therefore plan to introduce seven Toyota bZ models by 2025.

“bZ” is New Value Provided by “beyond Zero” in bZ4X in Toyota’s Drive

Society and You

So the Toyota bZ aims to create a safer society where everyone enjoys greater peace of mind.

A bZ4X was developed on this basis. I mean as a medium-segment SUV-type BEV. For the first model in the Toyota bZ series. Toyota will promote the deployment of BEVs in its full lineup starting with this bZ4X.

Overview of bZ4X Vehicle Toyota

Cars are so much more than just a means of transport. So be able to provide enjoyable time and space for passengers. All moreover with the “activity hub” concept!

Most interestingly, Toyota developed the “activity hub” concept for cars. One that will usher in a new era.

Toyota is striving after innovation in all areas.

For that’s including the interior, styling, driving sensation and performance. All aiming to create exciting cars.

Also the Toyota bZ4X adopts a BEV-dedicated platform (first for Toyota) based on e-TNGA philosophy. This is to achieve impressive driving performance through a low center of gravity. Better for greater rigidity.

For back in 2017, I wrote:

As countries and regions around the world adopt increasingly stringent policies to help reduce greenhouse gases. That’s new regulations that mandate a certain proportion of electric vehicle sales are beginning to emerge. Complying with these environmental regulations, while ensuring the sustainable growth of our companies. For ai mean that requires the development of a wide range of powertrains and technologies. Toyota regards electric vehicles (EVs) as a key technological field in this process alongside fuel cell vehicles.


With EVs yet to find widespread market acceptance. So the huge investments and time required to cover all markets. Also and vehicle segments for that’s a pressing issue for individual automakers. Especially when responding to the widely varying demand for vehicles around the world.

A BEV-dedicated platform (first for Toyota) which is the basis of all systems was jointly developed with Subaru Corporation (Subaru).

Through this platform, which incorporates the unique requirements of BEVs with a low center of gravity and greater rigidity. I always appreciated that about electric cars. But I heard they pursued off-road performance required for SUVs. In addition to an with attractive, smooth, intuitive driving performance. I mean not just for a BEV. Yet for any car.

Performance Focused on Safety and Peace of Mind

In addition, Toyota was determined to offer performance. That’s focused on safety and peace of mind for new owners. Moreover and as with all Toyota vehicles. In practical terms, they aimed for a BEV that can be driven safely and conveniently for many years. That’s considering securing cruising range*2, particularly in winter settings. Finally and targeting a top-class battery capacity retention ratio (90%*3 after 10 years).

In terms of safety bZ4X

In addition to pursuing a high degree of battery cell safety, they adopted the latest Toyota Safety Sense active safety package. For they used a body structure adapted to collision from any direction. Also and a battery pack that contributes to ensuring protective performance. Especially in a collision folks. Thereby aiming to create a BEV that provides driving safety.

Details of the bZ4X

You & others will be comfortable inside their comfortable cabins lol. For the Toyota bZ4X offers a new lifestyle. Also and the opportunity to spend precious time with family and friends.

A spacious, quiet and relaxing space in any seat

  1. An extra wide cabin space. That’s thanks most interestingly to the BEV-dedicated platform.
  2. Ensuring a tandem distance that’s equivalent of a D-segment sedan (1,000 mm).
  3. Medium Segment SUV Class-leading legroom for front and also rear seats.

Home-like comfort bZ4X

A) One liberating sensation. All owing to the low instrument panel and large panoramic roof (specially equipped vehicles).

B) That upholstered instrument panel. All to create a calm interior.

C) Very much a quiet space that stimulates conversation.

bZ4X High soundproofing glass and wind-noise reduction.

For it provides a quietness that enables clear conversation while driving!

bZ4X front seat (Prototype vehicle)

bZ4X rear seat (Prototype vehicle)

BEV performance for safe and convenient driving, despite being a completely new car Toyota’s Drive

Ensuring improved energy-saving performance. Also and cruising range during driving for practical use (particularly in winter settings).

Pursuing aerodynamic performance. In addition to lightening of the body unit. For the following systems and equipment were adopted. All to reduce energy consumption other than for driving, especially power used for heating in winter settings

Heat pump-type air-conditioning in Toyota’s Drive

Seat and steering wheel heaters. Also front-seat radiant foot-heating (first for Toyota).

Short charging time bZ4X

Compatible with high-output chargers worldwide. That’s compatible with 150 kW direct current quick charging. So it’s capable of 80% charge in 30 minutes.

Your Car & You with bZ4X

This Toyota bZ4X delivers the BEV’s unique joy of driving and excitement.

  1. Appealing and competent driving perfected through joint development with Subaru. That’s overturning the common idea that electrified vehicles are tedious. Because they are achieving smooth, intuitive driving performance. That’a even an off-road performance in genuine SUVs.
  2. Adopts a BEV-dedicated platform (first for Toyota) based on e-TNGA philosophy. So it’s advancing a low center of gravity and greater rigidity.

Low center of gravity innovations bz4X

Thin high-capacity battery pack placed flat under the floor

An E-axle. Also an integrating motor, transaxle and inverter (a Toyota first).

Electricity Supply Unit (ESU) consolidating charging and power distribution functions (a first for Toyota).

Greater rigidity innovations bZ4X

Hot stamp materials used in key framework parts. Also the adoption of a lightweight, high-rigidity body structure. One that’s partially made of high tensile steel.

Enhancement of rigidity of various parts including around the battery pack. Also at areas where the BEV unit and radiator are installed. Also and around forward and rear suspension.

Driving that leverages motor drive characteristics bZ4X

Agile response, sense of linear acceleration, high-precision output control. That’s lightening of acceleration / deceleration control. Also and driver pedal operation. Finally slip suppression control on slippery roads, etc.

Improved turning and stability. All through independent control of front and rear motors (AWD).

Adoption of Subaru’s AWD technology and X-MODE (AWD vehicle, a first for Toyota).

Also, Grip-Control was newly developed and installed as a new feature for X-MODE. By leveraging motor drive characteristics, it is suited to everything from everyday driving. Especially to light off-road driving and more. That’s achieving off-road performance exceeding expectations in BEVs.

bZ4X chassis (Prototype vehicle)

bZ4X chassis (Prototype vehicle)

Cockpit (meters and operating system) supporting a new driving experience.

A cockpit that emphasizes meter visibility. Meters are positioned to be visible. That’s through the upper part of the steering wheel (top-mounted meters, a first for Toyota).

Emphasizes ease of viewing. All by reducing eye movement. Then enabling a distance point of focus.

bZ4X one-motion grip (Prototype vehicle)One-motion grip*4 combining steer-by-wire system and uniquely shaped steering wheel (A Toyota first)

Modularized driving controls including a steering column. Thereby adopting a wing-shape that promotes eye guidance from hands to meters.

Some models adopt the steer-by-wire system. That’s where there is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and tires.

Lock-to-lock is set at around 150 degrees.

This  eliminates the need to change grips when steering. Thereby greatly reducing the burden on the driver for U-turn, garage parking and on winding roads.

In addition, the steering feeling is improved through independently controlling the steering torque that the driver feels and the steering angle of the tires. Steering characteristics can be changed with drive mode select.

Dial type shift (a first for Toyota)

Styling that expresses the innovation of BEV and the impact of SUV

Based on the design theme “Hi-Tech and Emotion,” we strived to create a form combining an advanced BEV feel with the inherent beauty of cars. That’s aiming to create advanced and sleek, powerful styling unique to SUVs.

Side view

Aiming for sleek proportions and expressing an unconstrained silhouette. One that takes advantage of the long wheelbase with the tires placed at the four corners.

Front view

The corners with aero dynamic items and the thin shape of the bumper expresses the uniqueness of the BEV. Also, the large hammerhead shark-like shape running from the hood to the top of the headlamps is uniquely iconic!

Rear view

Rear combination lamps, back door, and the bumper, which have the trapezoidal theme. That’s heading to tires, creates a powerful stance!

Latest infotainment system

Multimedia system

Most importantly, the bZ4X adopts cloud navigation that uses map data on the cloud. All to obtain traffic information and parking space availability data in a timely manner. Additionally, BEV specialized services. For that’s such as driving support and charging station display. Also driving support display and driving range display are available

Enhanced voice-recognition function

Also able to operate wipers and air-conditioning

Over-the-air (OTA = wireless) software updates

Software updates to improve performance are possible for the latest preventive safety package. For that’s the  Toyota Safety Sense. Also, the multimedia system without needing to visit a dealership

Digital Key (specially equipped vehicles)

With a smartphone, users can lock, unlock and start the system without screen operation. Digital keys can be handed over between smartphones. For that’s making it easy for family and friends to borrow and lend vehicles remotely

Generates electricity equivalent to 1,800 km of driving distance per year (in-house estimate). Thereby contributing to a superb cruising range. For it can charge in parking lots where there are no charging stations. Because solar power can also be used to charge in disasters or other emergencies!

bZ4X roof solar panel (Prototype vehicle). You & the Environment Toyota bZ will not only reduce CO2 and other emissions ―it will contribute positively to the environment. Energy-generating BEVs Roof solar panel (specially equipped vehicles)

More proactive initiatives―such as recycling―for reducing CO2

Battery 3R (Rebuilt, Reuse, Recycle)

Ensures a worldwide top-class battery capacity retention ratio, as well as proactively undertakes battery rebuilt (inspection and reassembly) and reuse. Also promotes initiatives for battery recycling

Proactive adoption of recycled materials

The Toyota bZ4X creates a safer society where everyone enjoys greater peace of mind.

Latest Toyota Safety Sense

In order to also realize the ultimate wish of the mobility society―”zero fatalities and injuries in traffic accidents”. So the bZ4X adopts the evolved Toyota Safety Sense. By expanding the detection range of the millimeter wave radar and monocular camera. Then we have enhanced the performance of each function and added new functions to assist on ordinary roads. The aim is to prevent accidents, further reduce traffic fatalities and injuries, and ease the burden on drivers.

bZ4X chassis (image) (Prototype vehicleAdopts the Toyota Advanced Park advanced driver assistance technology (with remote function) (specially equipped vehicles) Pursues Collision safety performance expected of BEVs An omni-directional crash-response structure to protect passengers, batteries, and the other vehicle

Battery safety

By strengthening measures to prevent and detect signs of battery failure. Also and introducing new technologies. For it has adopted a design and multiple monitoring system. One that ensures safety and security in case of emergency.

Thorough production process that eliminates contamination. For it’s one which is a cause of abnormal heating.

Redundant monitoring of battery voltage, current, and temperature. All to detect signs and occurrence. That’s of abnormal heating to prevent overheating

Newly introduced the use of high-resistance coolant. One which prevents fire from short circuits even if there is leakage of the battery’s liquid coolant

A newly introduced the use of a high-capacity battery pack integrated with the body. All to ensure protection in the event of a collision

External power supply function

  1. DC external power supply function (Japanese specifications)
  2. Can connect to a power feeder to supply high-output electricity to homes and home appliances for outdoor activities, and during disasters and other emergencies
  3. When used with home solar power generation, solar power can supply electricity to the house in the daytime, surplus electricity can be used to recharge the vehicle via a power feeder, and electricity stored in the vehicle can be used to power the home at night

Finally, the bZ4X is scheduled for launch in all regions from mid-2022.

Toyota October 28, 2021 and April 12, 2022

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