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Car electric Subaru coming at ya folks! We know electric cars are popular. I mean with each passing year. First of all, the world shifting towards a more sustainable future. For clearly, EV cars or electric cars are the way to go. In this post, we will be reviewing the Subaru Solterra electric car. One which boasts a range RATED at 228 miles on a single charge. Car me an electric Subaru: it’s a Subaru all electric.

The Subaru SolTerra Electric Car:

The Subaru SolTerra electric car is a fun vehicle. One that is designed to deliver an exceptional driving experience. It is equipped with a 71.4 kWh battery. One that powers a 200 kW electric motor. That which generates a torque of 347 lb-ft. This electric car is perfect for those who are looking for a vehicle that is efficient and eco-friendly.

Built-off the Same as Toyota

The car now an electric Subaru shares the same skateboard as the Lexus RZ450e and Toyota bZ4X. For its Toyota’s dedicated EV platform, e-TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). I mean along with that dual-motor set up. On first glance the Solterra  can be mistaken for any other Subaru. However, the striking thing is recognizable Subaru.

Car electric Subaru
Subaru Solterra

StarDrive® car with all-electric drivetrain with 72.8 kWh battery capacity

Subaru StarDrive is engineered with the latest breakthroughs. Especially in electric car technology. It’s to deliver a substantial on-demand torque. That’s at all speeds. Moreover and for an exciting everyday driving. Now it’s also up to 228 miles of range. However, when this car goes into ECO mode (front wheel drive) in commutes expect 252 to 260 miles. Then you’re all-in with zero emissions. Most importantly the Solterra also features DC fast-charge capability.  One that gives you up to 80% of your battery capacity. That’s stated to be in about an hour at a public DCFC charging station.

So again: car me an electric Subaru.

However, I think with the faster chargers by Electrify America it’s quicker. They are now coming on deck. Therefore, it will take significantly less than an hour to get to 80%. More like from 20 miles to 180 in 12-15 minutes. Some might take 20-25 depending upon location. 

Regenerative Braking:

The Subaru SolTerra electric car comes with regenerative braking. The braking adds at least another 10% to its range. This technology captures the energy that is usually lost during braking. Moreover it more than uses it to recharge the battery. This means that the car is more efficient, and you can travel further on a single charge.

Driving the Subaru SolTerra Electric Car:

When it comes to driving the Subaru SolTerra electric car, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, if you drive it in eco mode, you can expect to get the most out of the battery. The car is most efficient when driven in the city, where a mile really is more than a mile. However, if you are on the highway, you can expect to get around 200 miles on a single charge.

The Subaru SolTerra electric car is a Subaru. One which means that it is built to last. The car which is an electric Subaru. It is still that rugged car. It can handle any terrain with ease. The all-wheel-drive system ensures that the car is stable on the road. That’s even in adverse weather conditions.

Test Drive Results:

During our test drive, we were impressed with the performance of the Subaru SolTerra electric car. The car was smooth and quiet, with no vibrations or noise. The acceleration was instant, and the car was responsive to our inputs. We also noticed that the regenerative braking was very effective. All which helped us to save energy and increase the car’s range.  

It’s with serious regenerative braking technology and all-wheel-drive system. So it’s a great choice for reducing carbon footprint. Especially and without sacrificing performance.

The car’s interior is spacious and comfortable. That’s seriously with plenty of legroom and headroom for passengers. The seats are supportive and can be adjusted to suit your preferences. The dashboard is well-designed and easy to read. That’s with all the essential information displayed clearly.

Electric car subaru


The Subaru SolTerra electric car is a fantastic vehicle that offers an excellent driving experience. It is efficient, eco-friendly, and built to last. The regenerative braking technology and all-wheel-drive system. I’ll make it a great choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Especially without compromising on performance. So if you are in the market for an electric car for commuting. Also, being willing to travel carefully for charging when doing longer Subaru trips. However and for city commuting, no single question. I highly recommend considering the Subaru SolTerra.

Also, this SolTerra is built to last. For the benefits from the proven reliability. Moreover the durability of the Subaru brand. All the while incorporating the latest electric drivetrain technology.

Back seats all electric Subaru solterra

Finally, the Solterra also offers a highly competitive price for one of the best AWD systems on the market today. 

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