Why Clean Living Means Having a Healthy Home Environment

Our homes are our safety net. A place we feel rested, safe, and in the company of people we treasure the most. It plays a vital role in our mental and physical well-being. It cements and facilitates clean living. What does clean living entail? Why should we focus on clean living to nurture a healthy living environment? Keep reading the article. I will review clean living exhaustively and how to nurture a healthy home. 

Clean Living

Clean living is crucial to creating a healthy home. It extends beyond clean eating, exercising, or swapping to green energy. It’s about living a wholesome and natural life. It’s a holistic approach. You’ll need to eliminate anything contributing to physical and mental ill health. Without a doubt, you’ll need clean food, air, water, mind, and environment, summing up to nurturing a healthy living space, especially when you’re renting your living space

Creating a Healthy Home 

So, how do you cultivate and maintain a home that facilitates healthy living?

Clean Air

Did you know that more than 3.8 million people die yearly due to exposure to indoor air pollution? Our activities, energy sources, cleaning products, and building materials in our homes are the main contributors to toxic indoor air.

Surprisingly, the air quality in our homes is worse than the air quality in our offices and working spaces. Yet our homes are meant to be our safe havens. Most of the pollutants in our homes cause increased volatile organic compounds, a notorious source of respiratory irritants and infections. VOCs can also cause cancer. Luckily you can always protect yourself against VOCs and other air pollutants inside and outside your home. 

  • Open doors and windows to improve airflow and minimize VOC concentration indoors. 
  • Reduce pollutants by swapping to non-toxic cleaning products. 
  • Air new carpets or furniture before installing them. 
  • Diffuse natural essential oils or keep a vase of fresh flowers instead of using aerosol sprays to freshen your home.
  • Invest in HEPA-fitted air filters and purifiers to subdue harmful particles in your home’s atmosphere. Remember to regularly clean and change the filters.
  • Keep the dust and pet dander in check by regularly dusting and vacuuming surfaces around your home. 
  • You’ll need a dehumidifier to keep your home damp free. 
  • Houseplants also keep your indoor air clean. Besides, they are non-toxic and inexpensive. 
  • Regularly test your home’s indoor air quality. 

Clean Water 

Clean water goes in tandem with clean living and maintaining a clean living environment. Your water becomes contaminated once it leaves the municipality’s reservoir. Sadly, no one monitors the water once it’s in your home’s reservoir. You can enhance the water quality in your home. Here is how to do it. 

  • Install a water filter to  maintain healthy water quality throughout your home. 
  • You can also use water aerators to help reduce odors and bad taste in your water. 
  • Maintain your pipes and faucets to keep the water free of contaminants. 
  • Don’t neglect your drains. Clear them to ward off water pollutants and maintain cleaner sewer systems. Consider working with a drain line cleaning company in Austin to keep your drain lines clean and wastewater unstuck. 
  • Sludge often builds up on your home’s septic tank and may contaminate your water supplies if neglected. A sewer and drain line company will clean and maintain your septic to keep your water safe. 

Create Green Spaces

A green space will help nurture a healthy environment that will facilitate cleaner and more robust mental health. A stable mind is a part of clean living. Exposure to greenery is an effective stress blocker. There is also a positive link between green spaces and healthy sleep patterns. A flat shouldn’t be an excuse for not owning or being exposed to green space. You can create one.  

  • You can turn the balcony into a green sanctuary. 
  • Add plants to your coffee table. 
  • Don’t overlook the empty corners. You can glaze them with huge green plants. 
  • Add creepers to your balcony railing. 
  • Your walls will make a great garden. Fill it up with plants but do it aesthetically. 

Minimize Visual Noise

Don’t subject your mind to clutter. It shatters your mental stability. 

  • Minimize paper clutter by being up to date with your mail. 
  • Donation keeps excesses out of your home. 
  • Buy things you need and use. 
  • Ensure everything in your home has a home. 

Bottom Line

A healthy environment makes it easier to sustain a clean living lifestyle. A dirty home environment will not only result in physical ill health but also cause mental instability. The clutter, toxic air, contaminated water, and filth in and outside your home will pull you apart mentally and physically. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain a healthy home environment.

Author: Bella Clarks

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