Unfortunately, people have hurt their community and neighborhood overall the Earth. I mean to the point of irreparable damage. However, luckily, as years pass by, it seems as if we are becoming more and more aware of the disastrous effects that decades of neglecting our Planet have brought upon it. And while there’s only so much we can do about the reversal of damage, it’s time that everyone stopped damaging it further! What we can do on an individual level, for instance, is focus on purifying our immediate surroundings. And we are hell-bent on helping you succeed in doing so! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to help you make your community and neighborhood more eco-friendly. Or, at the very least, friendlier then it previously was.

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Is It Possible to Make Your Neighborhood More Eco-Friendly?

You bet it is! While on the quest to cleanse your local environment, we recommend you pay special attention to the following ways of doing so. You’ll soon realize that even the most urban of areas can be adapted to sustainable ways.

#1 Support Local Manufacturers

You might be tempted to buy products from the supermarket, but how about you go to a neighboring farmer’s market for a change? This way, you’ll be supporting the members of your local community. However, not only will you help them financially, but you’ll also be doing something good for the environment. By buying locally, you’ll use less fuel than on a regular grocery run. Heck, maybe even no fuel at all! With fewer miles covered by a car, your carbon footprint will naturally be lower.

#2 Become ”One” With Nature

Find nearby parks and other areal wonders of nature, and spend as much time as you can there. Make it your business to walk, hike, or ride your bicycle on one of the local trails. Plan frequent family outings and make sure to stroll around the neighborhood whenever possible. The more time you spend outside, the closure you’ll feel to nature. Not to mention that you might even inspire others to do the same!

#3 Say Goodbye to the Car

If you live in a community well-connected by public transportation to other neighborhoods or places, we encourage you to call it quits with your car. However, New York City, for example, offers its residents plenty of healthy ways to commute that go beyond using public transport. Cycling, as such, is pretty popular and common in specific NYC neighborhoods. On another note, walking is just as good if your community doesn’t boast many bike trails. The Earth will be content if gas emission is kept to a minimum.

#4 Start a Club of Like-Minded People

Chances are you aren’t the only person trying to make your neighborhood more eco-friendly. So, how about you start an eco club that will bring you closer together? Think about all the friends you will make, but also about all the changes all of you can make. After all, great minds think alike, and united, you can do so much more than you could do if you were acting alone. Furthermore, include interesting yet beneficial green events in your club’s schedule. Some ideas include going trash picking, organizing a tree planting session, and joint recycling.

On another note, if you don’t happen to be much of a ”trendsetter”, we encourage you to go out into your community and see whether there might be an eco club opened already! If so, you can join the one already there instead of founding one yourself!

#5 Go Trash Picking

We have just now mentioned trash picking as one of the activities that help turn your neighborhood green. And if we are being honest, it might even be an essential activity. After all, certain materials like plastic, if left unattended, can harm wildlife and pollute soil and water. With that in mind, if possible, organize a trash-picking party that at least a couple of people will attend. On the other hand, it’s ok if you cannot find interested parties to join you; you can pick trash on your own. However, we are more than certain that once people have seen you do it, they’ll want to hop in themselves!

#6 Start Composting

Composting promotes sustainability as it helps divert waste from landfills. Having said that, if the circumstances permit you to do so, we recommend that you compost in your own garden. After all, you’ll be doing a lot of good for the Planet. Then again, if your community lacks a compost pick-up service, we advise that you bring up the topic with your city council or local government; That might just help one get established.

#7 Help Out at the Local Community Garden

Getting your hands dirty, quite literally, is a great way to go back to nature. And by getting your hands dirty, we mean planting and harvesting at one of the local community gardens. Join one, and you’ll soon realize that producing one’s own food brings tremendous personal satisfaction. In addition, community gardens unite neighbors and inspire individuals to make environmentally responsible choices. But what if there are no community gardens nearby? Well, that should never be a problem since you can always build one yourself! Talk about a fun yet sustainable project!

#8 To Make Your Neighborhood More Eco-Friendly, Consider Getting Into Politics

In order to actually make your neighborhood more eco-friendly, you first need to get your voice heard. And to make sure that people listen to you, you might have to get into politics. Unfortunately, there are only a few ordinary people who can do it. Politicians, on another, have a lot more say in the matter. As one, you’ll undoubtedly be able to do more for your community than you ever would be able to do as a regular person – sustainability-wise. Furthermore, becoming a politician in order to save your community sounds like a fair bargain.

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