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In December 2022, Toyota gave us a glimpse of the second-generation C-HR with the Prologue concept. Yet now, the eagerly awaited production model has finally arrived. The 2024 Toyota C-HR offers a substantially different design. One that also retains the funky appeal of its predecessor. All which made it a hit in the competitive small crossover segment.


It was developed and engineered in Europe. For the new C-HR is also manufactured on the continent. Thereby ensuring quality and performance that meet the highest standards.

Toyota C-HR 2024 plug-in hybrid

A Striking Exterior Design

The 2024 Toyota C-HR boasts a “super coupe” profile that sets it apart from its competitors. With its sleek lines and bold proportions, this crossover demands attention on the road. The design is further enhanced by the inclusion of 20-inch wheels and a distinctive two-tone paint job. That’s giving it a touch of sophistication and individuality. Toyota’s attention to detail is evident in the seamless integration of cameras. Also the sensors and headlight washers. That which are carefully incorporated to create a cleaner and more aerodynamic look.

Dimensions and Interior Comfort

Measuring 4360 millimeters (171.6 inches) in length, 1830 mm (72 in) in width, and either 1558 mm (61.3 in) or 1564 mm (61.5 in) in height. Of course, that’s depending on the version, the 2024 Toyota C-HR strikes a perfect balance. That’s between compactness and spaciousness. Stepping inside the cabin, you’ll be greeted by a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument cluster. Also a touchscreen of the same size. Thereby showcasing Toyota’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. For added luxury and convenience, select models offer a head-up display, 64-color ambient lighting. Also a panoramic roof and a premium JBL sound system.


In addition, the interior is adorned with red accents and a GR badge. Thereby signifying the sporty nature of the new GR Sport Premiere Edition.

Hybrid Powertrain for Efficiency

In line with Toyota’s commitment to sustainable mobility. For the 2024 C-HR is available exclusively with hybrid power in Europe. The range includes a 1.8-liter unit, a 2.0-liter plug-in hybrid setup, and a 2.0-liter hybrid with optional all-wheel drive. The base 1.8-liter hybrid engine delivers a combined output of 140 horsepower (103 kW), while the 2.0-liter setup offers an impressive 198 horsepower (145 kW). For those seeking even more power, the plug-in hybrid variant boasts 223 horsepower (164 kW). These hybrid powertrains not only provide excellent fuel efficiency but also contribute to reduced emissions, making the C-HR an environmentally friendly choice.

Performance and Handling

While the 2024 Toyota C-HR prioritizes efficiency, it doesn’t compromise on performance. The entry-level model with the 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain accelerates from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 9.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 106 mph (170 km/h). The 2.0-liter front-wheel-drive model takes it up a notch, completing the sprint in 8.1 seconds. Opting for the all-wheel-drive variant shaves off a few milliseconds, with a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time of 7.9 seconds. Both 2.0-liter hybrid models have a top speed of 112 mph (180 km/h). The plug-in hybrid variant impresses with a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time of 7.4 seconds and a top speed of 112 mph (180 km/h). Additionally, the plug-in hybrid variant offers an electric-only range of 41 miles (66 kilometers), providing a clean and efficient driving experience.

Exclusive Editions and Availability

Toyota is introducing two exclusive editions of the 2024 C-HR in Europe. The GR Sport Premiere Edition showcases sporty accents both inside and out, with unique design elements and a dynamic driving experience. The High Premiere Edition, on the other hand, offers a high-end specification with a range of premium features. These exclusive editions cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring there is a C-HR for every discerning driver.

While the first-generation C-HR was available in the United States, Toyota has decided not to offer the successor in the American market. However, European customers can already reserve their 2024 C-HR online, securing their chance to experience the next-generation small crossover from Toyota.


The 2024 Toyota C-HR represents a fresh take on small crossovers, offering a unique design that retains the funky appeal of its predecessor. With its striking exterior, hybrid powertrain, and advanced technology, the C-HR is ready to take on the crowded small crossover segment. Whether you’re looking for efficiency, performance, or style, the 2024 C-HR delivers in every aspect. Reserve yours today and experience the future of compact SUVs with Toyota’s latest offering.

Images Courtesy of Toyota

Article Source: Motor1

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