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Yearly Archives: 2009

Tonights GreenDrinks event will be on December 22nd from 6-? will be at the Flying Pig in Mt. Kisco, NY. at The Flying Pig on Lexington is Northern Westchester’s standard bearer for local, natural, farm-to-table foods. With a menu that showcases farm-fresh foods from the Hudson Valley and beyond, we capture the vibrancy of seasonal flavors. We help you experience the sensory joy of eating locally, seasonally, and healthfully.  “The Flying… Read More

I just started with a new marketing client Jay Egg.  He is the leading geothermal expert in the Southeast.  Geothermal is a great energy source that I am really starting to sink my teeth into and I think it has a great potential for our energy industry too.  But anyway, Jay contributed this information for the sake of getting it out there. For me, who am I to complain!  Thanks Jay and… Read More

What’s to say about Copenhagen: There is always alot to say about what didn”t happen. Yet for the first time in a long time the United States did not look like we didn’t want to make a deal.  Now it is up to the FREE MARKET to BRING IT ON!!   Electric Cars NOT Fuel Cell Cars I have heard of late that fuel cell cars are trying to make a resurgence and… Read More


So why would I care about Yoga clothing that is eco friendly as a guy. Well frankly it’s important to me to know what clothes for my wife, kids and me. Second reason is that I lost a bet and Pamela Peeters sent my wife samples so to try and be honest about what we thought.
The Other Reason is that Goldie Hawn gives a quote for the story; so I have to write it now!!
At the beginning of the story Pamela Peeters who works with them told me Goldie Hawn wears this eco friendly line of clothing called Samtosa clothing. I said, get a quote from her and I’ll write a story. If not, no story as a friendly bet. Then I get the email that says, “Exhale Spa informed us that Goldie Hawn was seen buying two SAMTOSA tops this weekend, she even wore one in class. Then they spoke with Goldie and she said “She said they fit great, she wore it during a class than bought another one after class. :))”


It’s official.  The United States CAN save $1.2 trillion in savings by 2020 by “investing in energy efficient buildings”, according to a new study from McKinsey & Co. report.  This new report called, “Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy,” reports that 900,000 new jobs could be created and 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gas could be reduced annually. The catch is about $50 billion a year needs to be green buildings over… Read More