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(Source: Organic apple orchard in Pateros, Washington, USA, Wikipedia)

For so many years had I apple picked.  My father would pick me up and place me in the tree and I would then drop down the apples and he would be able to catch them.  Some times it would hit him and my uncle Bob in the head, but they took when my cousin Greg and I would drop them down. 

Every year, Jessica and I went with our boys, Tyler and Cameron to go pumpkin picking but with my dad and the family together it was really nice.

So, we go to the apple picking place and it was a madhouse.  I mean like wall to wall people and almost like a festival.  It was non-stop cooking, bands, the works.  It was enjoyable to see local people being able to succeed in farming. 

The lines were even more enormous just to get into the parking lot.  My goodness it was like being on the Long Island Expressway or the Major Deegan Expressway to the George Washington Bridge exit; right before Yankee Stadium during rush hour.

Anyway, it was just a testament to local eating and the celebration of people wanting to go Green and doing it in droves.  Way to go! 

Now if we can only get those cars to be zero emission and all electric, all bets are off.  The gloves come off, the fun begins and we are ready to rock and roll.  Green to the best green we can get.

Gotta go check out the apple pie my wife is making in the oven, and yes it is ENERGY STAR rated.  😉

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