So you might remember seeing the bright orange Ford Focus Electric prototype. All running around a track. Also being driven by your favorite celebrities during the Green Car Challenge on “The Jay Leno Show” last year. Now, you will be able to see the same vehicle permanently plugged in. Located at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

Today, Ford officially handed the museum the keys. The keys to one of two Focus Electric prototypes used during the show’s Green Car Challenge segment.

Ford Focus Electric Vehicle

This version is based on the European five-door production Focus ST. So it’s got the racing prototype. It was specifically designed for “The Jay Leno Show” and used throughout the 2010 season. Tuned to perform on a racetrack, the Focus Electric was outfitted with Recaro racing seats. As well as a full roll cage and five-point racing harness. Finally an eye-catching Electric Orange paint scheme.

Actress Drew Barrymore was the first celebrity guest to accept the show’s racing challenge. Other participants included Steve Carell, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sheryl Crow. Also Serena Williams, Rush Limbaugh and more. Most noteworthy, Dr. Phil McGraw ended up having the fastest lap. Yes folks, of all the celebrities to drive the vehicle.

In addition, the Focus Electric is featured vehicle in the museum’s permanent Alternative Power exhibit. Also, the display highlights vehicles that feature engineering solutions. All outside of the standard gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine. Some of the other alternative-fuel vehicles in the exhibit include an electric car built in 1897 and a wood-burning truck and the 1974 Dutcher. In addition, a steam-powered car on loan to the Petersen from Jay Leno.

In conclusion, Buddy Pepp, Petersen Automotive Museum executive director and knows it’s a historically significant car on many levels. Not only is this prototype Ford Motor Company’s first all-electric passenger car. However it also has a local Hollywood connection. Vehicles like this reflect our mission to explore and present the history of the automobile. Finally, its impact on American life and culture. Therefore they are using Los Angeles as the prime example.

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