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Future:Standard is an online boutique that provides ethical clothing and accessories (eco-friendly, fair trade, locally made, anything made with respect to the planet and those who are making it).

The first step in creating a Future:Standard is creating demand. We need to show designers, retailers and manufacturers that consumers want ethical clothing. We also need to show designers that it can be done without compromising style and fit. We have a long list of designers that we hope make the transition soon. We are sure you probably do too, so we would love to hear about any brands that you would like to see on this site.

PLUS, they do not compromise on style and do not think our values should get in the way of looking great.

We are waiting for the day that what we purchase does not need to be described as sustainable or fair trade. This assumes that all products are made in the most sustainable way possible and with concern for those making the products. That all of this is standard. This is our Future:Standard.

How It All Started In 2008, a conference speaker said that you do not have to choose between your passions. If you want to combine them, you should. If you want to work for a company that replants trees in the rainforest, but you also love chocolate, find a chocolate maker that supports the rainforest. A lightbulb went on. Crazily enough, this was the first time I had ever thought I could do all of the things that I really am excited about. I immediately began thinking about ways to support the environment, promote fair labor practices, and spend my days looking at (and wearing) beautiful clothes. Two years later, Future:Standard, was created!

Jessica Althoff and with the help of a great team and lots of wonderful, smart friends and family, she started Future:Standard.

You will never find anything on this site that you say, “I am not dying to get my hands on. I hate waiting months before I receive each order and am ecstatic every time we get anything. I hope that you are just as excited about our clothing and accessories as I am.

I have always loved beautiful clothing and my first opinion was on what to wear. My taste has changed over the years (I no longer want to wear the same rainbow turtleneck every single day) while my concern about the production of my clothing continues to grow. I choose each item on this site based on its ethics and its beauty.”

Gift the class of 2011 with products that are transparent in their design, manufacturing and distribution processes.

This is taken from a information I was given by the company.

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