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Recently I wrote a story in the Briarcliff Manor / Pleasantville sites about solar energy and my friend.  In all of my books in the Green Guru Guides series with McGraw-Hill (including Solar Power For Your Home) we talk about how going green does not just make sense from an environmental standpoint. It is truly saving green or cash in your pocket. Not many people I know really get that; except Mark Seiden.Since I have known Mark Seiden, he has always asked me about what are they best ways to go green. About two years ago, in front of his office in Briarcliff Manor on Pleasantville Road, we talked about going green.

We agreed that the first step to prove to him that going green meant saving green (cash) too was to swap out all of the incandescent lights in his home and office to compact flourescant. So, he did that…immediately. Since then the savings have come in. It’s like back up the truck on his loading dock and just hands him the cash!

“I knew before we went to Green Lighting and CFL bulbs that I could save money,” [as Leitman’s book explained], said Seiden. “Once I saw the numbers Leitman calculated for me on the total energy savings and then saw my utility bill, I was sold.”

Going Solar

With the help of Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC, he was able to install solar photovoltaic panels on his roof and will be saving thousands of dollars over the next 20-plus years.

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC is NABCEP Certified and a locally owned business by Eric and Hillary Messer own Sunrise Building & Remodeling, Inc. and Sunrise Solar Solutions, so it was a perfect fit for all companies.

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC installed a 5.18 kW solar system using a more intelligent inverter system to maximize the energy collected by the panels. While some inverters measure overall consumption, Seiden will know how much EACH panel is generating in electricity, regularly and in real-time.

Source: Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC 

Energy Savings!!

According to Sunrise, most systems start making you money by Year 5 on commercial installations. Over the life of the system, Seiden will be saving about $48,000 – $57,000!

Look, below is the example of how solar companies show you the economic sense.

As A Real Estate Broker, Seiden Leads His Clients… By Example

While these are not the exact numbers for Seiden, if you financed your solar system at 6.25 percent for nine years and put down 10 percent of the net or $9,800, you would get your down payment back after Year 1 and be cash positive from then on.

You would save an average of $3,900/year during the loan period and over $11,000/year when your loan is paid off.

What Seiden liked the most was that it also added value to his building and his system is exempt from any tax assessment increase.

And, by coincidence or fate, the Village of Briarcliff Manor approved the building permit for Seiden’s building on Earth Day! That’s truly a sign from above! And already, Sunrise was able to connect Seiden’s solar installation to the grid and have his meter go backwards. What a site that is to see! A meter running backwards! It’s Red, White, Blue and Green all over.

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