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Holy Tesla movie theater.  For Tesla (TSLA) has recently been granted permit approval. That’s for its highly anticipated diner and drive-in movie theater. This news has been spreading across the internet due to an article from Teslarati. This exciting development is set to take place in Los Angeles. That’s as confirmed by documents obtained from the LA Department of Building and Safety. Tesla has been teasing the concept of a drive-in movie theater and diner Supercharger. I mean for quite some time now. So it seems that the vision is finally becoming a reality.

Creating an Unforgettable Experience for Tesla Owners

The idea behind this innovative concept is to provide Tesla owners with an unforgettable experience. All during the charging process. While it may seem unnecessary to have movies at a Supercharger station. Especially where charging takes only 30 minutes. For Tesla is also looking to transform the charging experience. That’s clearly into something more enjoyable. Moreover and also entertaining.

Tesla movie theater

The addition of screens that showcase movie clips will offer Tesla owners the opportunity to relax and be entertained while their vehicles charge. This is particularly beneficial for those using Level 2 chargers. That which can take hours to complete the charging process. Tesla understands the need for a comfortable and engaging environment. Especially during this waiting period. For a diner and drive-in movie theater concept. For it aims to address this demand.

The Rise of Charging Stations as Social Hubs

The concept of combining charging stations with additional amenities is not new. In fact, other companies have already recognized the potential of charging stations as social hubs. For instance, Starbucks has announced plans to install chargers at some of their stores. Thereby giving customers a place to wait comfortably. All the while their vehicles charge. This opens up opportunities for social interactions. I mean such as impromptu meetings or even dates. Especially as people gather around these charging stations.


In some cases, charging stations have become popular meeting spots. Especially with people spending hours at these locations. Tesla’s Santa Monica station, for example. Well it boasts most notably over 30 chargers. Moreover it offers exclusive access to Tesla drivers. It provides clean bathrooms and even vending machines. All for the convenience of the customers. This exclusivity and additional amenities turn the charging experience into more. Yes I mean more than just a practical necessity. For it becomes an extension of the overall Tesla ownership experience.

Tesla’s Strategic Marketing Play

Tesla’s decision to incorporate a diner and drive-in movie theater into their Supercharger stations is not only about creating a comfortable charging experience but also serves as a strategic marketing move. By offering Tesla owners a captivating and entertaining environment, the company can attract a captive audience. This captive audience is more likely to spend additional time at the charging station, potentially leading to increased purchases of food and beverages.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, understands the value of creating a captive audience and the potential business opportunities it presents. This move aligns with his vision of transforming charging stations into more than just places to charge vehicles. It becomes an opportunity to market products to a captive audience, with the potential for increased sales and brand engagement.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Tesla’s venture into the realm of diners and drive-in movie theaters also opens up possibilities for collaborations and partnerships with renowned food establishments. While it is still unclear who will be supplying the food at the Tesla diner, there is speculation about potential partnerships with national chefs or local favorites like Shake Shack or McDonald’s. Collaborations with popular food chains can enhance the overall experience for Tesla owners, providing them with a wide range of food options while they wait for their vehicles to charge.

This concept is not entirely new either, as other car manufacturers have already formed partnerships with local companies to establish charging stations. Companies like Mercedes, Rivian, and Porsche have teamed up with various businesses to build charging stations, often located near popular restaurants and shopping centers. This strategic approach ensures that customers have access to a variety of amenities while their vehicles charge, making the charging experience more convenient and enjoyable.


Tesla’s recent permit approval for its diner and drive-in movie theater at Supercharger stations represents an exciting development in the world of electric vehicles. By transforming the charging experience into an enjoyable and entertaining one, Tesla aims to provide its customers with a unique and memorable experience. Additionally, this move serves as a strategic marketing play, attracting a captive audience that may result in increased sales and brand engagement.

As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the electric vehicle industry, collaborations with renowned food establishments and other businesses may further enhance the overall charging experience for Tesla owners. The integration of charging stations with additional amenities serves as a testament to Tesla’s commitment to providing a holistic and customer-centric approach to electric vehicle ownership.

With this latest development, Tesla is not only revolutionizing the way we charge electric vehicles but also redefining the concept of charging stations as social hubs. The future of electric vehicle charging is undoubtedly bright, and Tesla is leading the way with its visionary approach to sustainable transportation.

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