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So let’s talk about New York State EV (electric vehicle) goals.  Especially aiming to reduce carbon emissions.  Moreover and embrace sustainable transportation.  As of late, the focus on electric vehicles (EVs) like never been stronger. With ambitious goals to increase EV adoption.  That’s why the state is taking significant steps towards a greener future. In this article, we explore the EV goals set by New York State.  Moreover and how they plan to achieve them. From expanding the charging infrastructure (which The Green Living Guy has done work on for NY). 


Multiple Efforts in New York

Then also to giving  incentives to purchasing decisions.  Like, can you say, an up to $2,000 rebate off the price of the car? 


So the State is also actively working towards making EV ownership more accessible and convenient for its residents.


Please join us as we delve deeper into the strategies and initiatives.  Efforts that will sincerely shape the future of transportation.  Most noteworthy and in New York State.

New York EV Climate Goals


To meet New York’s climate goals, the state aims to have 2-3 million EVs on the road by 2030.  More importantly, 10 million by 2050. EVs play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  More noteworthy and achieving carbon neutrality.  Most especially and in New York State by 2050.


So there’s the Charge Ready NY 2.0 Program.  It launched in July 2023.  Thereby providing $12 million in incentives.  Especially for the installation of Level 2 charging stations at workplaces.  Also and more importantly, multi-unit dwellings.  In addition, The Green Living Guy has worked on previous versions of this program.  Finally and public facilities.

EV Goals

This program aims to overcome barriers to charging access.  Most noteworthy and for marginalized communities.  In addition, to promote EV ownership. So by prioritizing investment in charging infrastructure in historically marginalized communities is essential. 


For then, the State aims to support local EV ownership.  Moreover, contribute to cleaner air and public health.


Furthermore, range anxiety remains a significant barrier to EV adoption.  For that’s with 55% of Americans citing it as a concern [1].


Range Anxiety Still in New York for EV’s

According to a 2022 Consumer Reports survey, range anxiety is a significant concern for many Americans.  Especially those considering owning or leasing an EV. However, the median driving range of all-electric EVs for the 2021 model year is 234 miles.  All which exceeds the average weekly driving distance for New Yorkers (228.3 miles). However, for skeptics this is still not enough range. Yet, this also indicates that EV range accommodates typical driving habits [5][6].


To address range anxiety and promote EV adoption, it is crucial to invest in charging infrastructure.  Most importantly and along major highways in New York. The New York Power Authority’s EVolve NY program aims to install 400 direct-current fast chargers (DCFC).  For that’s at 50-mile intervals.  I mean along interstate corridors and also by 2025. These DCFCs can charge an EV to 80 percent in as little as 20 minutes.  Thereby providing efficient pitstops during long-distance travel.

NEVI Fast Chargers Program

Additionally, the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program will also provide approximately $175 million in funding over five years.  That’s to deploy fast chargers along designated electric vehicle corridors in New York.  For that’s more noteworthy and including heavily traveled interstate and state highways. These investments will contribute to building an accessible and convenient charging network.  I mean for all EV drivers [4].


In conclusion, NYS has let the Department of Environmental Conservation with NYSERDA grow this effort.  For the goal of the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) is to achieve and maintain New York State’s greenness.  I mean comprehensive clean energy, climate and environmental protection goals. To do so, NYSERDA is working with utilities, community organizations and businesses toward the following:

  1. Deploying renewable generation
  2. energy efficiency
  3. demand response and distributed energy resources
  4. Developing a clean energy economy
  5. Preparing for an electric vehicle future
  6. Promoting clean energy and energy efficiency for New York State
  7. Sustaining economic vitality.

As a means of achieving these goals, NYSERDA is developing models.  Also, tools and strategies like the Charge Ready NY and now the 2.0.  For that will furthermore support growth in the clean energy and energy efficiency sectors. Finally and to foster a clean energy economy.

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