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Just by repacing traffic lights to LED and also get some advanced lighting upgrades and programing to lighting plus multiple solar thermal installations, the City of Concord over $41,500 a year in energy costs, and reduce their carbon footprint by more than 292,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year

“Solar energy has gone from novelty to the mainstream here in Concord,” said Mayor James Bouley.  “We are proud to lead the charge in New Hampshire by installing solar thermal systems in four of our facilities.  This innovative renewable solution coupled with the LED pedestrian signals and comprehensive lighting upgrades means more clean energy and more jobs for New Hampshire.”

“Not only will the newly installed solar panels help reduce the Broadway Fire Station’s utility bills, but they will serve as a teaching tool to the City’s residents, the business community and to the Concord School District students about energy efficiency and renewable energy,” said Joanne Morin, Director, NH Office of Energy and Planning.  “Governor Lynch has made it a priority to improve energy efficiency across the State and to increase renewable energy.  Projects like these will save NH taxpayers money, create jobs, and help protect the environment.

“This project would not have been possible without the leadership and commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency by the Mayor, Governor, Legislature and the State of New Hampshire,” said City Manager Tom Aspell.  “We are thrilled to have played a pivotal role in connecting the private sector with a municipal government, which generated green collar jobs in the near-term during the installation process and will provide exceptional cost savings to the City for the long-term.”

“Through this forward-looking initiative, the City of Concord is setting an excellent example for municipalities nationwide,” said Michael W. Gibson, P.E., Vice President, Energy Services for ConEdison Solutions.  “Our firm was gratified to have been selected by the City to help Concord achieve significant, long-term reductions in its carbon footprint.  We share the City of Concord’s commitment to the success of this exciting, multi-faceted program and look forward to the continuation of our work with the City.”

Source: ConEdisonSolutions, The City of Concord, NH and The NH New Office of Energy and Planning

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