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Chris Woodyard from USA TODAY recently wrote a story about how the Honda Fit electric is being leased at $399.00 per month since the purchase price is $36,325 before destination charges are added.

Because of that marketing problem, Honda will focus on leasing its vehicles — at least initially.  Well frankly I believe it’s the early adopter phase of this vehicle.  There will be people that will pay for it just like any other technology and/or appliance.  Then after a year or so the prices will come down and it will be able to be sold in their eyes.  However, there are probably people that will buy the vehicle outright given the tax incentives out there for EVs.

The 2013 Fit EV comes billed as being capable of an impressive 123 city-mile per charge range, or 76-mile range in combined adjusted city/highway. But it’s going to bump up against plug-in electrics from Toyota, with a Prius, and Ford, with a plug-in Focus. And that’s not even counting upstarts such as Coda.

Source: USA Today

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