Well it is true folks. My friend Summer Rayne Oakes ( has got her mojo on big time that Toyota Motor Corporation went and designed a car with Summer in mind.

Toyota designers and engineers got together in the U.S. and used Summer as their muse for every aspect of the Prius c hybrid electric vehicle.

So here we are with dumb foundedness and like a wholly wowser kind of feel.

I told Summer that regardless of how we have gotten into culture of hybrid electric cars or even all electrics too. There was an Earth Day edition of Vanity Fair and they did the best of peeps for Earth Day and she was posed with an electric car called the Tango in the magazine. We did it. Well she did it really but we are all friends and I’ve hired her for a shoot back in the day. We even co-hosted a party where of all things I brought an electric bike in NYC. They thought I was on crack. Now look in China town an what people there are driving.

As Summer put it best on Eco Chick about the Tango event was:

I took a week long excursion out to California and part of the excitement involved a test drive with this little car. Holy $hit man, does this Tango go fast!

There are only two Tangos in existence right now and three more are on the way (Sergey, Larry and Eric each ordered one). Hopefully after the Google Boys gets theirs, we’ll be seeing more on the streets in 5-10 years.

The funniest part was one of Summer’s close friends who is somehow related to Maria Carey said he didn’t understand why in the heck I would want to build my own electric car. I asked him then what car he drives. I don’t remember what he said but bottom line was that Summer and I knew back then that we were onto something.

My Green Guru Guides series and Build Your Own Electric Vehicle books and Summer’s careers really started back when.

So, to get the hybrid folks at Toyota jockin’ SRO to my dismay is just another time to celebrate along the path of life and what we are here to do in this life.

Another amazing milestone in this celebration of life and an efficient, cost-effective hybrid on the market.

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