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For starters, Verismic is now energy saving. For starters they are a global provider of IT management solutions. All delivered from the cloud. For they announced the roll-out of its newly upgraded Cloud Management Suite (CMS). All enhanced with Verismic Power Manager. For it’s the most advanced, non-disruptive PC power management software on the market.

In addition, Verismic is a leading global provider of cloud-based IT management technology. I mean they have recently enhanced its award-winning Cloud Management Suite (CMS). That’s most importantly with a real-time energy saving solution. The solution enables IT teams to monitor and reduce energy consumption. That’s all across their entire organization. Thereby resulting in significant cost savings and an also a smaller carbon footprint.

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Real-Time Energy Savings

So Verismic’s energy saving solution is equipped with real-time data analytics that provide IT teams with the ability to track energy usage throughout their organization, from individual devices to entire departments. The solution also allows for the creation of customizable energy saving policies that can be implemented across the organization to reduce energy consumption.

Maximizing Cost Savings

By implementing Verismic’s energy saving solution, organizations can maximize their cost savings in a number of ways. First, the solution allows IT teams to identify and eliminate energy waste, resulting in reduced energy bills. Second, the solution provides IT teams with the ability to monitor and optimize energy usage, resulting in more efficient energy consumption. Finally, the solution enables organizations to track their energy usage over time, allowing them to make data-driven decisions about future energy investments.

A Smaller Carbon Footprint

In addition to cost savings, Verismic’s energy saving solution also helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint. By reducing energy consumption, organizations can significantly decrease their greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a more sustainable future.

With its real-time energy saving solution, Verismic’s Cloud Management Suite continues to be a leading IT management technology. By providing organizations with the ability to monitor and reduce energy consumption, the solution helps organizations maximize cost savings and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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