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First of all, Acorelle is bottled in Agen, France. That’s with more interestingly, ingredients grown in Grasse. More noteworthy which is the legendary capital of French perfumery.

So Acorelle’s “extracts d’emotion” are most importantly the only fragrances certified by Europe’s ECOCERT. In addition it’s also certified with NSF as organic.

About the Company and its Green Organic Mantra

Acorelle’s fragrances contain no:
Acorelle organic

  1. synthetic scent compounds
  2. artificial preservatives
  3. parabens and/or phthalates
  4. substances believed to cause endocrine damage.

Most importantly, many innovative cosmetics companies are thereby eliminating these substances from their products. All because it’s hurting consumers health but also because it’s the right thing to do. 

However and most importantly, Acorelle never used them in the first place.

How is this Organic Certified Perfume Made?

A collaboration between master perfumer, Philippe Collet and also aromatherapist Patty Canac has made this all happen. For Acorelle’s “extraits d’ emotions” are most noteworthy and the result of a combination of traditional perfumery. That’s for modern, eco-friendly technology and the ancient wisdom of using plants and flowers. For it’s also for healing and comfort. Thereby skillfully blended with distilled wheat alcohol.

Product Line

According to Acorelle, they use an all-natural, plant and flower extracts and oils. They create organic perfumes in the “classic French style”.

Each collection seems to have its own theme:

Energizing (“Tea Garden”, “Pure Patchouli”, and “Land of Cedar”)
Balancing (“Silken Rose”, “Absolu Tiare”, and Vanilla Blossom”)
and Soothing (“Divine Orchid”, “Citrus Infusion” and “Lotus Dream)

In addition to the three main fragrance collections, Acorelle also produces three body mists
energizing “Ocean Sage”
soothing “Exquisite Vanilla”
and balancing “Pure Fruit.”

The product line sent to review was an “Energizing” package.

What Do You Think and Where can you get it?

Acorelle started being available in 2015. It’s rich eau de parfum, a lighter eau fraiche.

Yet the Patchouli brand was a bit strong. However the rest of the Energizing line wasn’t that bad to smell.

Acorelle fragrances are available at select Whole Foods markets. In addition and at other health food stores. For example and also upscale spas. Thereby connecting with customers who appreciate healthy luxury.

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