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Choosing green lumber alternatives for outdoor furniture instead of rainforest woods is good. For it can help protect the earth’s tropical habitats.

Because tropical hardwoods were routinely harvested for outdoor furniture products. For that’s such as patio furniture.

So some species have been eradicated.

Three of the most commonly used rainforest woods were teak, mahogany and also jatoba. However they weren’t the only ones that were impacted by deforestation. Over 137 kinds of plants and animals disappeared. All due to the destruction of the rainforest.

Not only were the tropical forests harmed. Because the wood didn’t hold up very well. So because materials were susceptible to discoloration and rotting. They also required extensive maintenance. All which included regular oiling and sealing.

Today’s eco-friendly furnishings do not harm the planet.

So there are multiple other benefits, as well. For example, the materials, such as bamboo. Also aluminum and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are easy to maintain. They don’t emit toxic byproducts. Also they are affordable alternatives to lumber.

For more information on selecting environmentally friendly patio furnishings. Please take a look at this infographic.

I also like the concept here. That’s for the benefits of eco-furniture. For the perfect outdoor furniture should be comfortable, functional and also environmentally-friendly.

So as designers and manufacturers find innovative ways to bridge the gap between functionality and sustainability. Therefore new materials are shaping today’s furniture.


Having a garden or an outdoor space to relax is something many people love to do, but without the right furniture, it’s often difficult. This can be a major setback for anyone who’s been dreaming of living among the greenery for a long time.

But maybe there is still hope: There are plenty of natural and eco-friendly outdoor furniture options out there, with many being completely free from harmful toxins and recycled materials.
And these options are not only sustainable, but also cost effective.

Eco-friendly outdoor furniture

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